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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Pre Ecuador Thoughts..

Wonderboy gets carried away with the paints at playtime..

Im sure you're anyone who reads this is settling down to their beers and a big screen right now.

As is the norm, we've been deluged with facts about our World Cup opponents for the last couple of days (they eat guinea pigs dont you know). The streets round here have become eerily silent now so in the quiet I just wanted to tell you about this article that I found in the papers today. It eloquently puts across how I feel about Ingerland, the cross of St George and everything that goes with it.

Where are the soccer 'patriots' when England really needs them?' by Peter Hitchens Under the laws of war I can claim enough provocation to justify a counter-attack against the moronic football cult. Gordon Brown, Princess Tony and Princess Tory have all been greasing their way into the affections of most lout-worshippers. d a maker of gym shoes has published a silly poster of a footballer called Wayne Rooney apparently suffering labour pains whilst slathered in flour and tomato ketchup. The daub is perhaps a Christian cross and perhaps a version of the 'English' flag which lout-worshippers have adopted. Some people are upset by this poster. I cannot be bothered to be. But I am interested in it. There is something creepily suggestive of a crucifixion, even of human sacrifice, about the pose and the fake gore. The football obsession is a kind of fake religion, a ritual conducted in front of a credulous, adoring multitude, in a cloud of mass hysteria and lager fumes. Im told the pagan ceremonies were alot like this. It certainly demolishes the notion that English peopl are res Anerved about religion. The weird excitement over this eye-wateringly dull contest between cheating blockheads makes American televangelists - whom we like to mock here - look sane, rational and mild. As for the supposed patriotism of the St George's cross, it is worthless. Where are all these people at election time when the major parties propose to sell the country to Brussels? Nowhere. They haven't noticed. They're more worried about losing a football game than losing their independence and liberty. The Cross of St George is fast becoming Britains equivalent of those Confederate flags you see on pickup trucks in poorer parts of the US, a sort of defeated shrug of empty, symbolic nationalism by people who arent really interested in anything.
If we lose today I can see the car windscreens been broken and pakistanis been beaten already. Come on England!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet...

Its funny how a bit of sunlight and vitamin D can raise the spirits. People have smiles on their faces, the women are wearing next to nothing and all is well. Plus, I took the plunge and bought a digital camera! Woo Hoo! Just got to work out how the f**king thing works now. That should be fun..

Highlight of the day: A little black kid playing guitar and harmonica, singing early Beatles songs in a screechy falsetto. Catchy stuff and a shrewd move in Kingston - home of middle aged white folk. He got a quid out of me too... Yeah I'm a mug, I admit it...

I'm baaaack

Arnie said that on the Terminator 2 DVD.

Its true though.. this one is just to vent my spleen and submit random thoughts on..

As the quote Patch used to love from some Brit Gangster flick goes:

The world is full of c**ts. And you're one of them.

Dont take that personally though..