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Friday, July 21, 2006

Here Comes The Sun!

As it gets hotter, it seems the ladies start wearing less...

Its very frustrating (Im sure you know what I mean).

When the road starts melting though you gotta start worrying some though. You venture off the pavement into something that looks and feels like black industrial strength chewing gum. No amount of Vanish Oxy Action spray is ever gonna get that off is it?

I feel sorry for the animals, our cat is wandering about like he's mashed. Come to think of it, after a day at work and a commute home so am I! Come July, the papers and TV always start picturing zoo animals eating their lollies in the heat: pigs with carrots in ice, polar bears with big chunks of frozen seal flesh. Mmmm! When will Wall's launch their fresh meat and vegatables range? It would fly off the shelves wouldn't it?

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rocky III

'I aint getting on no damn plane fool!'

This is one of those guilty secrets of 1980s cinema. Rocky, Mr T and Hulk Hogan? What more could you possibly need? I was always firmly in the Arnie camp when it comes to this genre but you gotta admit Stallone does a mighty good job here. Mr T makes a mark in this film. Part embryonic Mike Tyson and part Pit Bull terrier he glows like highly polished mahogany during the fight scenes. Grunts like an angry wild pig during his dialogue too. A very angry man.. Still he calmed down a bit for the A-Team a year later, maybe they drugged him or something. Come to think of it, his acting style was pretty comatose during that series wasnt it?
After Rocky and Apollo Creed have 'gone back to their roots' the training scenes are almost laughably homoerotic. Where abouts would you see a bunch of sweaty black men sparring with each other in what looks like a dungeon on film now? Dutch porn maybe? Or two grown men cavorting with each other in the sea after a beachside sprint? Besides Baywatch?
I bet Carl Weathers looks back on that film and cringes now...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fun with the camera...

I got a digital camera!

God you can have so much fun with these things... I had so many ideas on the arty pictures I was going to produce.

One day Ill get round to reading the manual but in the meantime I reckon Ill just mess around with it. You can get some nifty little effects on it just like below...

(L) The Many faces of Dave
(R) Charlie the Cat in negative mode

More to come. I aim to get more ambitious over time so be grateful with this for the moment!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Gay Icon vs Biffa Bacon

Finally normal life can resume...

It is with only the slightest of disappointment I note England's exit out of the World Cup against Portugal. Dont know about you but Ive become impervious to it now. Our over-glamourised representatives on the global stage underperform (again). Whats new? The world will carry on turning and all our hangovers will evaporate. We will live for another day..

Hello Boys!

And it was all down to everyone's favourite gay pin-up Cristiano Ronaldo. Once again good old fashioned decent English grit and determination was undermined by Johnny Foreigner and his sneaky ways. The boy Wayne spent 60 minutes struggling to break through 5 Portuguese defenders with no help so he was bound to lash out wasnt he? The stamp in the groin was a bit much though...

Still we can focus on the tennis now eh? 'Britain's' new Wimbledon ace looks the real deal and destined for great things. He looks like one of the stoats out of Wind in The Willows too: flinty little eyes, hateful little sneer. But Im sure we'll take him to our hearts. If Murray is the stoat, cuddly little Tim is our tennis hamster!

Come on Tim!

Britain's (erm I mean Scotland's) latest Tennis hope..