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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Looking for that relaxing, back to nature break in the wilds?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Alex does The Bard...sort of

Haven't read any Shakespeare in years. Last time I came across it was at the tender age of 15 at school - doesnt everyone? And at the time it struck me as being over-elaborate and tedious.

So, it was with some trepidation I made my way to Hampton Hill Playhouse to watch 'Much Ado About Nothing'. I work with a girl called Ellie who persuaded a group of us to see her in action. MAD is set in 16th Century Italy but this one had some kind of 1920s setting. Different kind of idea that; all the svelte young things dressed in period costume and Jeeves and Wooster music piped through during scene changes.

Besides that, one fundamental facet of Shakespeare still remains: why say 3 works to get your point across when you can say 300?

Heres a case in point: (Leonato talking about his daughter HERO)

LEONATO Wherefore! Why, doth not every earthly thing
Cry shame upon her? Could she here deny
The story that is printed in her blood?
Do not live, Hero; do not ope thine eyes:
For, did I think thou wouldst not quickly die,
Thought I thy spirits were stronger than thy shames,
Myself would, on the rearward of reproaches,
Strike at thy life. Grieved I, I had but one?
Chid I for that at frugal nature's frame?
O, one too much by thee! Why had I one?
Why ever wast thou lovely in my eyes?
Why had I not with charitable hand
Took up a beggar's issue at my gates,
Who smirch'd thus and mired with infamy,
I might have said 'No part of it is mine;
This shame derives itself from unknown loins'?
But mine and mine I loved and mine I praised
And mine that I was proud on, mine so much
That I myself was to myself not mine,
Valuing of her,--why, she, O, she is fallen
Into a pit of ink, that the wide sea
Hath drops too few to wash her clean again
And salt too little which may season give
To her foul-tainted flesh!

My friend Lawrence translated this succintly enough. 'She's a slapper'..

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sorry Jurgen!

There was a post here about Inland Empire and my total bemusement with it. Linked it to a pic of the poster too for added authenticity.

Imagine my pleasure when I logged on today to find I had a comment after my effort too. It was:
Jurgen said...
I'm glad you enjoyed Inland Empire, but could I ask you not to hotlink to the image on my server? Simply save the image as... and then upload it to yours. Otherwise, you're stealing my bandwidth. Thanks.
9:21 PM
Post a Comment

Now what I think he's saying is by linking to his pic Im nicking his space..I think..So, not wanting to antagonise my fellow interweb citizens I decided to pull it down asap. If you're reading this Jurgen, sorry again..Im not as savvy as you are, meine Deutsche Freunde.

So; amended IE review to come, with non hotlinked pictures too. On another note I gave blood again and it was my tenth donation. The girlie on the front desk gave me my 'Bronze donation award pack' which contained poster (which you'll see in a grainy pic very soon) and a nifty little pin badge which says 'BLOOD SERVICE - 10' around the edge. Now to be honest with you, I'm really proud of that. Dont get me wrong, all I had to do was lie around for a while, then drink loads of tea and eat biscuits but I realise that my 10 pints will help save peoples' lives. We have a civic responsibility to contribute something to those in need, and this is my small way of making a difference.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Things are quiet at the moment

Hey there,
No interesting or amusing anecdotes for you today. Two interesting events coming up pretty soon to tell you about.. but not yet.
Some good news to report, I have a whole week off work (woo hoo!). The sun is shining, Im gonna rest up, get my camera out and take some pics. Tomorrow I'm off to Dorking to visit Sis in her Dorking mansion, gonna lavish some TLC on Mum before Mothers Day. For that read: lots of gin..
Me and my fellow David Lynch acolyte Mark are off to see Inland Empire on Thursday. Of course I will tell my readership all about it on this page.
Im sure you're slavering with expectancy arent you??

Friday, March 09, 2007

Harry Hill and other thoughts

Noel Coward he isnt.

I was sitting on the train today casting my eye across one of the free London newspapers that litter our trains after about 5.30pm daily. Usual subject matter they include is:

  • Kate and Pete in new debauchary shock
  • Sienna Miller looking radiant (natch)
  • Some lifestyle article concerning how cosmopolitan living/loving is in London.
  • Jose/Arsene/Thierry et al
  • A poorly drawn cartoon strip that just isnt funny

One of 'em has the ocassional quote from the great and the good which doesnt fail to amuse me. Page 18 today has a cherubic thumbnail of HH with his words of wisdom:

'I was doing the decorating so took out my stepladder...I dont get on well with my real ladder'

That brought a smile to my face today..should be worried that my sense of humour is morphing into my Dad's??