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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The new head of the World Bank

'You, boy!!'

This is Robert Zoellick. George Bush has appointed him the new head of the World Bank after Dubya had to kick one of his best buddies out for dodgy dealings.

I came across this from the cnn website on a break at work today and had to make a comment. Check out today's front page of for the pic with a real panto villain flavour to it. He looks like the bastard love child of Mr Bronson out of Grange Hill and Peter Mandelson doesnt he?

Monday, May 28, 2007

Thoughts on warmer climes

Global warming took a break over the bank holiday didn't it?

The other week I received an email from a girl who used to work with me called Tania.

She's small, slim and pale with long, dark hair - looks a bit like the comic strip character Nemi.

She's off travelling in India lucky thing. Besides the usual case of dysentery which every white person seems to get in India, she was raving about how wonderful the weather is. When I looked out the window all I saw was the turgid grey sky with a layer of cloud passing stodgily overhead. Still, the garden got a good soaking didn't it?

It made me think about hotter, warmer days in places far, far away. I have a fantasy (a clean fantasy, let me add) of the ultimate tropical beach. If I close my mind I can imagine it in perfect clarity: the feeling of warm white sand between my toes, the crashing roar of the waves on the beach. No other sounds, save the occasional seabird calling from above, wheeling lazily overhead.
I'll never forget Shash's wedding in Mauritius. We went out for a couple of beers in a club before I wound my drunken way home after a few too many beers. I walked along the length of the beach back, not a soul about - only the sound of the cicadas for company. The moon was hanging in the sky: a huge full moon about the size of a dinner plate which reflected flawlessly in the water below. When nature puts a show on like that, you've really got to stop and pay attention.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Thanks to my favourite blogger

The finest blogger on blogspot is an American author called Matt Dinniman.

Here's a link to his blog for all those interested.

He's eloquent, smart and pretty funny. Which I guess being an author certainly helps.

On 22nd May he posted a link to a web comic written by a guy called Nicholas Gurewitch called the Perry Bible Fellowship.

Its well worth a look. A bit hit and miss. The hits are pretty dark too.

My favourite is called 'Monster Dad': crudely drawn, dark.. but still kind of funny

See what you think....

Monday, May 21, 2007

Gone to the dogs

Jake and Harry's 30th. Wimbledon Dog Track 19/05/07.

Amy looks as fragrant as ever: Steve looks like has a baad case of gas.

Action shot: you can just about make out the dogs in the bottom right hand corner

Jakey, Gaz and Barbara (who makes her WOB debut)

The food is much more interesting than the sport, apparently

Present time for Mr M

Lizzy and Jake - group hug

Jake and Mark

Friday, May 18, 2007

Not much 'dream' in this one...

Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Singularly the most harrowing film I have ever seen..

Mash up.

A moral lesson from director Darren Aronofsky on the perils of addiction. And how it fucks you up in pretty short order...

How could a review of this film do it any justice whatever? It covers four main characters and their descents into torment as they succumb to their fixes: Jared Leto and Jennifer Connolly star as loved up junkies aided by Marlon Wayans in their search for the life changing smack deal which will change their lives. Leto is suitably weasely and annoying whilst the director puts a suitably sleek and glossy Connolly through the ringer at the climax of this movie. Wayans proves he can act aswell as being light comedy relief throughout his career..

It is Sara Goldfarb (Ellen Burstyn) who steals the show in this. One of the most accomplished pieces of acting, on par with David Strathairn in 'Good Night and Good Luck'. Both of 'em missed out - unjustly may I add..

Capsule review: Sara gets hooked on diet pills in order to lose weight for a TV appearance. Then she starts tripping out in the most jaw-droppingly portrayed way. Grinding teeth, mental visions, she rambles like the finest crazy bag lady who you try your best to avoid in the street by the end. Her favourite TV show comes to life out of her telly and the fridge starts trying to chase her around the room - nice!

Jared Leto plays her son Harry, and 'cos of the smack, he comes to a pretty sticky end too. Not giving too much away, all I can say is Id never look at a needle in the same way again..

The most humilliating fate is served up for Harry's girlfriend Marion (Jennifer Connolly). If heroin can make you resort to doing what she does during the finale, it is a truely awful substance.


My words dont do it justice - but this review from certainly does.

367 out of 414 people found the following comment useful:- Awful and Essential, 25 November 2002

Author: eric226 from Seattle USA
I'm not going to waste space with a synopsis, as every second or third review provides one. A good indication of a challenging and original film is the number of 1/10 and 10/10 reviews, where the 1/10 reviews consist of just a few lines. A pretty sure sign that those folks weren't able or willing to watch with an open mind. Which is a good sign for casual viewers to give this film a wide berth.I wish everyone I care about would see Requiem for a Dream. Not because they will like it, or that it will teach them something they did not already know, but that it's a rare piece of work that will challenge and probably change them. It's a film that has never been made before, with nothing to compare to it - a rarity these days. I often find myself recommending films to people that I am unable to briefly describe. These are usually the most involving and affecting ones. I'd like my family to see this, but can't *recommend* it to them. I've recommended it to two friends, and they both had the same reaction: I am glad I watched it, but I doubt I'll be in the frame of mind to watch it again, knowing what you feel.As I sat watching the credits roll, I began crying, but I'm still not sure why. Partly in reaction to the devastatingly tragic ending, partly the beauty (yes) of the film, partly my gratitude for good things in my life. I watched it again the same night with my girlfriend, not because I wanted to upset her, but I felt that I had to share it. After the credits rolled, we both were silent for a good ten minutes. I found that I had thoughts I wanted to express, but could find no words. This is one of the few films that are painful to experience, but I feel compelled to share with people I care about. Some others in that short list include The Thin Red Line, Happiness, River's Edge,and The Deer Hunter.These films all share a quality that's difficult to name. No one likes feeling disturbed or shattered by a film, a work of art, a piece of music, but I feel experiencing these emotions and being asked to think, not just be entertained, is important now and then."Favorite" does not apply to this for me - this isn't about entertainment. One of the most devastating and beautiful experiences I've had watching a film. One of the top five films I've ever seen.

Nuff said.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


A hansome looking devil, longuing in the sun..

Saturday, May 12, 2007

..On Bullfighting


The Spanish seem to love it..

Id never seen it on telly until yesterday.. but always thought the spectacle of it all would make viewing worthwhile. But to be quite honest it isnt. Imagine a contact sport version of horse racing and you aren't too far off!

Part one is like the parade ring: maybe half a dozen big, mean looking bulls in their pens. The camera pans round slowly whilst the caption tells us about each animal '600kg - Castillian Bull - Theodore'. Y'know, that kind of thing. To the untrained eye they all look identical, dark brown in colour, big sharp looking horns and mightily pissed..

One of the big guys barrels out into the centre of the ring: the expression in his beady little eyes is easy to read: he wants to gore one of the fancily dressed little ponces waving their coloured pieces of fabric in front of him. And frankly so did I.

The toreador guy then appears. He brandishes his red piece of cloth at the bull who goes straight for him. Said bullfighter then buggers off behind a big piece of wall... what a pussy..

It all seems to be a little unfair. Especially when the other blokes suddenly appear out of hiding and proceed to poke what look like sharpened umbrellas into the back of the poor bastard. At this point a bloke on the back of a horse appears, shielded on all sides with what looks like sheet steel. The (rightfully) incensed bull then takes his frustration out on this poor steed by battering it repeatedly. Producing a loud clang! which sounds like someone dropping a metal dustbin from a great height. Laughable really..

The bullfighter guy? What a ponce!! He preens and he poses whilst sticking his chest out for the crowd. I guess the fact that he is standing still whilst the bull does all the work is what gets me. Lazy git..

Monday, May 07, 2007

Return of Tango Girl 6/5/07

Liv's long awaited return from New Zealand. We met up at the Weysdier in Guildford and proceeded to drunkeness in pretty short order..

Liv and Simon S

Love this pic. The picture taker has obviously done something that has horrified Charlotte.. but Toria evidently quite enjoys seeing!

All the boys (l to r): Staley, Jakey, Markey, a bloke who looks like Dave Gorman (his name escapes me) and Simon S

Me and Simon S

Its funny, Jacob only smiles this much when he's drunk..

Mark and Belinda

Simon lovingly cradling his best friend

Toria, Liv and Charlotte (l to r). But then again you probably know that..

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Photos from my 'phone 06-07

Time to purge some pics from my phone - have been looking to do this for a while...

My favourite Austrian.

This is a picture of the winner of 'The World's Ugliest Dog' competition for something like three years in a row. He (at least I guess its a he) is called Sam. As the pooch has passed on, there is a website in his memory.

CI-TY! clap, clap, clap, CI-TY!

Jocky the dog. Just before he tried to eat my phone out of my hands

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More Pics Spring '07

Getting a bit handy with the camera now. Shame the pics loose so much when you shrink them down though.

Richmond Park, Easter '07. God, it was bone dry that day. The pastures were just like in the middle of Summer. Not a cloud in the sky either - global warming anyone?

A Steve Hazel in its natural habitat. A lovely little patch of woodland just south of Coventry in the West Midlands. Late April '07

St Martha's Hill, one Sunday afternoon. The hazy five o'clock sunshine gave the sky a really cool dappled quality to it. Very nice on the eye.

Back up in the woods again with Steve and Amy H. Bluebells as far as the eye can see carpeting the ground.