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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Night Out with James Staley and Friends: Part Three

Becks and Jenny: looks like the booze was starting to have its' effect.
Me, Mark and Simon S


Night Out with James Staley and Friends: Part Two

Simon S looking a naughty schoolboy getting a telling off from Miss.

Me and Ken.. looks like the cameraman was spinning out when this one was taken.

Looks like it's been a little too much for Vicki..

Software Developer meets David Schwimmer - check out Belinda's look of admiration. Love it!


Night out with James Staley and Friends: Part One

We went out for James Staley's 30th Birthday for a few beers, starting at the Brit in Guildford. There was a pretty good turn out too - looking to wish the boy below his best. It also seemed to be 'try Alex's glasses on' night too. Specs are a wonderful prop - they make you look like a totally different person. James looked like Elvis Costello whilst Harry looked like a he should be reading a copy of Die Ziet on the train to Frankfurt to work in German Stock Exchange. Mark looked like a software developer and Jenny looked like a Dutch student! Anyway, here are some pics.. in three juicy installments..

James S - wearing my glasses

Harry: 'I am the God of Hellfire.. and I bring you..'


Birthday Boy and Charlotte


Friday, August 24, 2007

Love, Sex and Teletext

'Enough, already!' I hear you say...

Another one from Back In The Day... Is it just me, or was that black chick one scary looking girl??

Thursday, August 23, 2007

More looting of the YouTube vaults..

Michael Gray - The Weekend. One of my favourite songs..

Wish the women in my office were like this...

Book 'em Danno.. Sorry wrong 70s cop show..

In their endless trawl through old entertainment formats in the quest for making a few quid, movie makers have hit a new low..

And you thought the remake of The Wicker Man was unimaginative and insipid enough.

Nick Love, the man who bought you mindless geezer flicks like 'Football Factory' and 'The Business' and who also unleashed the walking cliche Danny Dyer onto the world will be bringing you The Sweeney in 2009!

What next??? Minder: The Movie starring Dexter Fletcher??

Here's the link for what is to come... Where the big gun comes in I have no idea..



Monday, August 20, 2007

Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love

Ladies and gents, I have discovered the joys of YouTube. In honour of that fact, here is Robert Palmer's video to 'Addicted To Love' made in 1986 - God rest his soul..

One cheesy, cheesy man. But then again, if you had a bunch of chicks dancing around you like that - I reckon you'd be grinning like a moron too.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Who are you? Where are you?

Favour time now..

There is a website I'd like all you lovely people to check out.

Shameless plug time, so please pay attention!

Its free.. and kind of like YouTube..

But just picture based, and without the bloody kids on it..

Here's the link.. tell all your mates. And if you know any old people too, definitely tell them - 'cos they love this kind of thing..



Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Anthony Rust

Where do I start? Anthony Rust was a very good friend of mine who passed away last week. He was 39.

The Claw was a decent lad, he had a good heart and only wanted to live a quiet life. I really enjoyed his company in the eight years which I knew him. That's about it. Words never do justice when someone dies so young, but I just wanted to put it down on the record for posterity.

If you're logging on from up there and reading this I've got one more thing to say: 'I'll miss you bru'..

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Lord of the Manor, his Young Prince and His Missus

Saturday was barbecue day. I caught a train down to Farnborough to visit my buddy Simon, his wife Jin and their 5 year old son, David. Hell, I can put my hands up and admit it: my friend has a real sweet set up there. Simon comes to the garden gate to greet me decked up in full Dad gear. He leads me into the back garden which he has been proudly manicuring for the previous week. 10 years ago Simon probably didn't know what end of a spade you stuck in the ground but today he has all the kit - he even has a hedge strimmer. You know, the kind of thing that God probably uses to chop up his turkey...
Anyway, we ate large amounts of chicken, apple sausage (big up Mark for bringing that) and salad. Washed down with a torrent of cold, fresh beer. From the perspective of Simon's sun lounger at the end of the garden, belly distended and fully lubricated, life seemed very good indeed. Here are some pics...

Mark - looking the split of the the bearded guy out of Home Improvement (below)

"Its Tool Time, Mark!"

Simon's son, David. The young Master Matthias...

He never stopped moving..

I love this pic of my buddy Jacob. Looks like a dodgy picture of a gangland thug off Crimewatch..

Simon: Who's the daddy?


Weekend Results

With an eye on my ten quid currently nestled at William Hill - here are the football results that matter the most to me. Chelsea? Manchester United? Arsenal? Dont give a toss about them - here are the teams who will earn me some cool cash come next May.

First things first. The Cov got off to a flyer: they won 4-1 away at Barnsley! As the Sky Blues only won about 5 away from the Ricoh last season, its a cracking start. What price the table looking like this come next May?

The Coca-Cola Football League Championship Table11 August 2007 19:18

1. Coventry
2. Crystal Palace
3. Ipswich
4. Plymouth
5. Burnley
6. Watford
7. Blackpool
8. Stoke
9. Bristol City
10. Colchester
11. QPR
12. Sheff Utd
13. Charlton
14. Scunthorpe
15. Norwich
16. Preston
17. Hull
18. West Brom
19. Wolverhampton
20. Cardiff
21. Leicester
22. Barnsley
23. Sheff Wed
24. Southampton

Anyway, Celtic gave Falkirk a tonking – 4-1 away also. That Italian bloke who Strachan got for about 4 million quid from Milan’s reserves scored on debut. Nakamura put one in too – free kick (seems to get a lot of those). Derby drew 2 each with Pompey at home – I’ll allow them that. West Brom lost away at Burnley, Forest drew 0-0 and MK Dons lost at home. Bit of a mixed batch there during the first week of the season.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Get your running shoes on!

I know you lot don't agree with me, but I dont care.

There is something liberating about getting your trainers on and getting out and about. Yesterday I bought myself a new pair of runners and decided today would be a fine time to test them. Before my knees sounded like a canteen full of victorian cutlery, rattling around when you shake it. But now I'm running like The Flash again. Admiring my reflection in the windows as I power past looking like Michael Johnson. A whiter, slower, less buff Michael Johnson, of course!!

Got some new running threads too. Nike do a range of lightweight anti-sweat stuff which works a charm. To be honest, I don't look half bad in it either! Gotta hold the gut in but who doesnt? However the thing that threads it all together is the tunes, man. You don't have the right music - you ain't going anywhere! Sony saves the day with that - a little lipstick sized device that holds about 1000 tunes on it. Let me repeat that with caps for emphasis: ONE THOUSAND TUNES!!

Sony provides more fun in your bag, ladies..erm, but Im sure so does Anne Summers.

Here are some of the tunes which are the audio equivalent of the little white button in Knight Rider marked: 'Turbo Boost'.. except they don't make me gurn and jolt my head back like Michael Knight did.
  • "When Dolphins were Monkeys" Ian Brown
  • "Move Any Mountain" The Shamen
  • "E-Pro" Beck
  • "Eye of the Tiger" Survivor
  • "Seven Cities" Solar Stone
  • "Gonna Get Yours" Public Enemy
  • "Get Ready" Rare Earth
  • "Dreadlock Holiday" 10 cc
  • "Right here, Right Now" Fatboy Slim
  • "Bloodsport For All" Carter USM
Ten selected tunes, all some of my favourites... bet you're glad you know now, aren't you?

Saturday, August 04, 2007

A nice little earner (I hope!)

Well, the football season is upon us again. Once again we won't be able to escape the hype as players and their latest WAGs re-enter the public tabloid consciousness for another 10 months. Anyway, I've ranted about how much the sport has been poisoned by media and celebrity culture once before, so I won't go there again. I'm gonna have a flutter instead. The plan is a five fold accumulator - ten quid stake. Will keep you updated as things progress.

CELTIC (4-6) Win the SPL. Finished about fifteen clear of Rangers last year. Strachan make a mid table team out of Coventry City which is no mean feat, got Southampton into Europe too. No big changes - a bloke called Massimo Donati from Milan has come in for about 4 million, couple of Australians. Bang on to win I reckon.

DERBY COUNTY (1-2) Relegation. They need Robert Earshaw to score a hatful. Without him, they don't stand a chance. I don't think they will.

WEST BROM - (9-4) Promotion. The big teams will always go up in the end. With Ellington, Hartson and Phillips they should score a hatful.

NOTTINGHAM FOREST (6-4) Promotion. Ditto.

MK DONS (7-4) Promotion. About time they started going the other way.

So what do you reckon? Waste of a tenner? Will keep you posted with regular updates, just in case you're interested..

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A message to a friend..I hope you read this.

When I heard the news I went straight down the offie and bought a bottle of wine. Sat in the garden just smoking and drinking till it got dark. Stared mournfully down at my feet for a good hour whilst the mosquitos feasted on me. You probably won't read this mate, but this is the best way of expressing how I feel - the written word has always been the easier form of expression for me.
Shocked is an understatement. I felt bewildered..How can anyone be so fucking vindictive? It has turned my perspective on people upside down overnight - but I'm probably feeling just a fraction of what you're going through. You've probably heard all the words of consolation before so I felt like a chump saying them. I sat with the phone clamped to the side of my head. With my tongue flapping away in the wind like a fool. Wish there was something I could have said, but words are just words, aren't they? Wish there was something I could do to help, take you out on the lash or something - but as you said you're "Not the best company at the moment". I wouldn't be either.
I'm still in your corner, whatever happens. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed it all works out.