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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jock Movie Number 2

Was 'baby'sitting again for my sister.

Here is the latest little film of the fella which I wanna share with you. Jock scratching that itch that just won't go away.

I could sit and watch his wheezing, slobbering, chubby face for hours - he is just that fascinating...

Stockbroker Music Hell..

On principle I realy should have hated this.

It is to my shame, I found James Carrington's soulful warbling guiltily enjoyable.

Its kind of like when you do something you shouldn't. You know its bad, but you keep on doing it anyway.

Insert thoughts about your own grubby little vices here...

Anyway, Dave and Kara took me to JCs album release in Shepherds Bush a couple of weeks ago. I asked K who he sounded like; she said 'James Blunt' and it was lucky I resisted the urge to slit my wrists there and then. Still, we made our way to the Bush Hall and took our seats stage right for the performance.

One thing that really to me though was the audience. Lots of smug, glossy, toned West London girlies and their sour faced stock broker partners who took people walking past their table to be a territorial threat. Jesus, you could have probaby powered several Third World villages with the sense of self satisfaction that these people generated..

Here is a link to JCs MySpace page. Is it cause Im 30 that I suddenly find this kind of stuff relaxing and most enjoyable?

God help me...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

benny benasi - satisfaction

One for James S. I forgot how absolutely filthy the video is... Makes a better case for power tools than Sainsburys Homebase, dontcha think!?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Crystal Palace 1 Coventry 1

Tedious game. I was in a state of wild, unfettered anticipation when the Sky Blues ran out the tunnel to the tune of 'Glad All Over' by The Dave Clark Five. Here is the view from the Holmesdale End - where all the die hard Palace fans sit.

Palace bossed the first half, should have had two or three, bar some woefu finishing. They sat off in the last 5 minutes which meant Dowie's men had the last laugh with an injury time equaliser.

Neither of these sides will be knocking down trees in this league...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Dreadlock Holiday 10 cc

A favourite of a good buddy of mine called the Claw. I absolutely, love this tune but have no idea why! The vidoe looks pretty pony, doesn't it?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jock update

I won't bore you with baby pictures. But here's the latest one of my 'nephew'

Jock at dinner. A canine waste disposal..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

As promised, a limerick for Ms Giffard

This is a limerick for another of the young lovelies I work with. I struggled to come up with the obvious rhymes until this came to me in the shower.

There was once a young lady called Ellie,
who made men feel like bowls full of jelly,
when she walked down the street,
they all fell at her feet,
like she's some fit bird they saw off the telly!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Manc, some monkeys and the Prince Charles CInema

There's been abig buzz about Ian Brown's new tune featuring Sinead O'Connor. This tune is my favourite by him, super-cool and with a suprisingly funny video featuring King Monkey himself.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Crystal Palace 0 Charlton 1

I'm a football writer now (I wish!)

The last football match I went to was to see Hertha Berlin, so a visit to Selhurst park is a real step down. Neither of these teams have flown out the blocks so far this season; Charlton struggled to settle before a couple of home wins, whilst Palace.. are just Palace. One thing I love about going to a match is the banter: the Palace team were warming up by running widths of the pitch in between the away fans and a us in the main stand. Of course they got a rousing cheer from the loyal home fans and a resounding 'Boo!' from the away end! Back and forth...back and forth. One thing I didn't realise was that Charlton fans are all supposed to be pikeys judging by the Palace chants: stuff like "G-I-P-P-O" and "We'll burn your caravans down". The best one was from Charlton when Palace 'keeper Speroni committed a HOWLER for the winner. Whilst the Holmesdale stand sat in collective open mouthed astonishment at some typical Palace inadequacy, the away fans piped up:





Another moment which made me laugh was the music mix which the Selhurst PA system piped through its speakers. Where else do you hear the theme to 'The Long Good Friday' then 'Zombie Nation' [I guess watching The Palace really does make you lose the will to live] and 'Glad All Over', one after another?
Anyway, the first half started well for Palace. Lawrence and Soares combined well on the right whilst Scowcroft battled well outside the box, holding up the ball valiantly for big man Morrison up front. After some careful build up the Red and Blues forced a brilliant diving save from Nicky Weaver in the Charlton goal - he is still Premiership class, and he proved it with a matching stop in the second half. It all started to go pear-shaped as Charlton expressed their dominance after the break, Andy Reid pulled the strings from the centre of the park - but it was Jerome Thomas's mazy runs which Peter Taylor's men could not deal with. The boy joined from Arsenal a couple of seasons previously and looks real class at this level. In the end Charlton just had too much top level class for the their hosts. As Pardew said 'we did a job' - not 'we did the job'. They did just enough to get past some mediocre opponents and secure three points. To be that adequate and win comfortably augurs well for the 'Addicks, I reckon they'll go far this year.