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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another raid from the Youtube vaults - Lemon Jelly Time

Heard this tune for the first time in ages, looked on Youtube and hey presto! Here it is for your viewing pleasure! This tune is called 'Nice Weather for Ducks' and is from 2002 by a group called Lemon Jelly. They had someone ironing clothes on one of their live sets a few years back so you could say they're pretty unusual..

I love this tune. Its unbelievably upbeat, unbelievably silly and never ceases to raise my spirits. Someone I used to know said this tune is a load of old crap, but what the hell do they know?

Friday, November 23, 2007

funny japanese commercial

Clean, made me laugh.. Hopefully makes you laugh too..

Alpha Gorillas Down My Local Gym


I go down the local gym.. Lucky me..

Usual kind of routine: 30 mins on the bike, bit of floor work, free weights. You know the drill..

Normally its relatively quiet - the occasional student on the bikes or a housewife on the step machine - poser free on the whole. Thursday night was a different story - the gym monkeys were out in full force. First prize going to a huge barrel chested chap with bull shoulders and tiny little out of proportion legs to go with it: 250+ pounds of Kingston silverback gorilla in shorts and Real Madrid training top. He paced around the floor between reps, scrutinising other people like the alpha male ape might inspect his troop. Meanwhile local students worked on the dumbbells like adolescent primates scratching around the periphery. I felt like Diane Fossey watching him in action: centre stage in front of the mirror (natch), bemused simian expression on face and clouds of pheromones trailing in his wake.

Should have fed him a banana...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

England 2 Croatia 3 - November 21st 2007

Just in case you have been living under a rock for the past week or so:

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

And finally our national arrogance and hubris brings us down with a resounding crash. Amongst the chest beating and maudlin self examination I am pissing myself with laughter here. Collectively we all identify with the players, when they play for the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester United we bask in their reflected glory. However, when the same group of wealthy, feted stars don't come up to scratch when playing for their country - its a different story. Our 'best league in the world' produces players who do not have the hunger and do not have the pride to perform when wearing a white shirt with three little lions emblazoned on it.
I'm kind of surprised that this hasn't registered with people; our national side no longer contains the likes of Terry Butcher and Stuart Pearce.. players who would bleed red and white if you cut them. Today's stars are sleek, wealthy and used to the adulation which they get. This makes me think: if my wedding was plastered over the pages of Hello magazine, or if I was slavishly emulated and admired by the public - would I care about playing for England?
Of course, it would help if we had a decent manager. The next boss needs to be someone with charisma, magnetism and an astute footballing mind - that'll be Jose Mourinho then..
But if we don't get him, what will happen?


Monday, November 19, 2007

Learn Something: Bush Video 10 years ago!

This made me think. George W Bush seemed to be a coherent kind of guy back in '94..

What do you think?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Do me a favour...

Had a brainwave the other day..

I decided to install a guestbook onto my site as it would be gratifying to know:

1. Who is looking at my website.

2. What they have to say.


3. That Im not just wittering on to myself here...

Therefore, if you get the chance, add a little nugget of your wisdom for my reading pleasure:


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Photos: Carter, 80 Film Extra Oct/ Nov 07

Sign I saw on the floor at the shooting of Jon's film: 'Cass'

On the set of 'Cass': Racist comedian in centre of the shot. Stripper on her haunches below. Did not think Id be seeing a woman getting all her kit of Sunday lunchtime!

Me in 80s costume with fake tash.. I dint normally look like this.. honest!

Dave: taken November 06

Dappled afternoon sunshine Spring 07

Carter USM in action: right from the middle of the sweaty moshpit

A bit further back: Carter USM playing 'The Impossible Dream'

The top tier of The Academy. The ceiling is black so it looks like you're in the open air.

Tom: 'Ive been waiting for ths night for ten years'

Nuff said..

Glam Rock Cops... you'd never guess, would you?

Is it just me or is..

Russell Crowe starting to look like Harvey Keitel?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

LEARN SOMETHING: We're doomed!

Don't know about you, but this worries the s**t out of me..

Things are a bit stormy at the moment with all this mortgage, sub prime and credit crunch business. Basically what holds the economy together is the trading of debt, banks and hedge funds sell it, make their comissions as they pass it on to one another. When confidence dies down, the trading stops and financial institutions are left with pieces of paper with a negative value.. a gaping black hole if you will. If not paid off or passed on like the credit hot potato that it is, this will progressively get larger - wiping out banks, financial instutions and ultimately livelihoods that it influences.
Case in point: when people were queueing up outside Northern Rock cos they thought it was skint, the Chancellor was obliged to ultimately say the Government would cover any assets if the building society went pear shaped. If not, the contagion would've spread to other banks and EVERYONE would want their cash! Stop me if this isn't making sense..
However their just isnt enough money to go around if everything does grind to a halt. Fanny Mae - one of America's largest mortgage companies has a “Book of Business of mortgages and other credit guarantees of $2.7 trillion”. How much equity do they have to cover it? $40 billion dollars..

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Wise words for a lover of Carter USM.


Monday, November 05, 2007

Goodbye Facebook!

Rant time:

Over the week or so, I intend to commit social networking suicide...

I, along with (seemingly) all my peers, got hooked onto Facebook from the start. Post a pic, make clever comments about how successful/happy/fertile you are, get messages from your exes/old school friends/random stalkers. and that's it..

Don't get me wrong, just like everyone else I get a vicarious thrill through a good prowl through my friends' pics and images of them at play with their buddies. However, beyond that - what is there to hold your interest? What gets me is the constant 'invitations' to download applications every couple of days or so - which I have no remote interest in doing. The 'Booze mail' facility may appeal to 15 year old boys and girls, but I myself pretty much prefer the real thing! Also, after you've done one artless scrawl on someones profile, the novelty disappears pretty sharpish. Once you contact old school buddies/old flames etc and ascertained how they are doing (the answer being invariably 'fine'), what more can you really say to them? I myself had a intriguing evening with a friend from Sixth Form college days - but will probably say little more to them in future. Face it, you ditch your old friends, you get new ones... Period...

Now don't get me wrong, if you're travelling around the world - posting pictures of the sites you see on your trip is a top idea. My friend Tania has posted album after album of her looking suntanned and happy in various countries throughout South East Asia. Good on her! On the other hand pictures of your drunken, gurning mates on the lash are not as compelling, are they?

Anyway, I could stay on my soapbox for a further couple of paragraphs - but Ill spare you that. Gonna play a few more games of Scrabble then delete myself from the Facebook masses. It has been fun, but I'm bored of it now. I no longer want to take part in the needful popularity contest which logging on and using this application involves.
I'll wait for the next social networking bandwagon to come along in a couple of years..

Sunday, November 04, 2007

BOOM!!! BANG!!!! CRACKLE!!! Etc...

Fireworks aplenty. Went down to deepest darkest Cranleigh with my buddies Dave and Mpende for an evening of bonfires, bangs and beer. Dave's girlfriend, Kara lives down there with her sister and invited us all round for a night of chilli con carne and Trivial Pursuit. Oh, and the fireworks too..

Mpende and Dave.. Milk Tray men..

Erm, a bonfire.. (no rrreally?)

Mpende, Me, Kara J and Dave