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Monday, December 31, 2007

Out with the old..

As we've reached last knockings of 2007 I've decided to add a little something here.

Tonight I'm off to give my liver a thorough working out. Im sure all the people I know (and the ones who read this) are doing something similar. You'll probably get to this post once your hangovers have subsided and you are back to the humdrum of 9-5 in the office. Maybe that's brandy talking (I received a bottle for Xmas and it makes me feel particularly festive) but I am gonna offer up some gushing sentimentality now: I wish you all the happiness in 2008 and hope you get all that you possibly desire.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sex sells...

Taken outside a smart Kingston cafe on my walk into work. Have been on a exclusively mushroom diet since!

The lovely Ellie and the Lovely Mark in funny hats

Just wanted to include this for the craic of it.

My boss in her wisdom decided the last Friday before xmas to be 'Funny Hat Day'. Here a couple of pics of two people I work with in particularly fine efforts: I like them alot (the hats and the people of course!

Here Ellie is modeling the 'Jester's hat in tinsel ensemble with optional attached soft toy stapled to the front of it'.

Mark is wearing the soft toy version of the face hugging beastie out of 'Alien'.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto killed in blast

I don't know much about what goes on down this way. But even I know that this event will cause much chest beating and ongoing aggravation in the Middle East.

Check it out...


Football Update: Payout is looking promising..

Ching! Ching!

This will probably bore you rigid but for the record..

Back in August I told you about a little accumulator I wagered on the football 'Will make the afternoon more interesting' so I reckoned. Here is an update for you:

Derby County: to be relegated
Bang on for this one. Derby are rooted to the bottom of the table, seven points adrift of the similarly inept Sunderland. The Rams' top scorer is Kenny Miller - a man good enough to net one goal in three.. for Wolves!! Out of his depth at this level, methinks..

West Brom: to be promoted
Absolute class! Kevin Phillips is back on form, top scorer in this division so far with 13 - kind of like the Alan Shearer of The Championship. Lots of support from an able midfield including a Hungarian guy called Zoltan Gera who is one of the only Baggies players who can do the business at the highest level. I reckon its them or Watford to win this league...

Nottingham Forest: to be promoted
After a pretty crap start to this season, Forest are finally starting to find their feet. Second in the league with Leeds close behind. Commonsense dictates both teams to go up.. but you never can tell, can you?

MK Dons: to be promoted
Paul Ince seems to have turned into Arsene Wenger; intelligent, reasonable and very astute. Big change as in his playing days I always thought he was a real dick! 6 points clear at the top as we speak, they have beaten fellow big boys Peterborough away from home last week and so look good value to start rising back up the pyramid once more..

Celtic: to win the title
The weak point of my bet. Obviously the Scottish Premier League is only gonna be won by one of two teams, so its a 50-50 bet by my reckoning. Celtic are two points clear, having played two games more and are missing a few defenders through injury apparently. Expect them to pick up some defensive reinforcements in January, so this one isn't totally lost yet..


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mark's Big Night Out and more moustaches

Being away from work is enabling me to catch up on some precious blogging time.

Tying up loose ends, download pics.. y'know all that kind of stuff.

Anyway, here are some pics from Saturday 15th December 2007: Mark and Belinda's joint birthday held at the pub next to the cricket ground on Woodbridge Road in Guildford. It was all very civilised until the fake facial hair was broken out... please see the pics below..

Me (at my cheesy finest) and Vicki

Tom, Charlotte and (a blinded) Dan

Birthday Girl Belinda

Mark looking resplendent in a 'Scouser'

Jake, however, steals the show sporting a rampant 'Clive Dunn' - mucho bonus points given for the ecstatically arched back, coyly pursed lips and florid face.. 10/10..


Friday, December 21, 2007

I know where YOU live! Sort of..

See the little button on the top left of this page? Above the guestbook and the clock?

That allows me to look at the amount of people viewing my blog, where they are coming from, how long they stay.. and all that gooood stuff.

Its a geeky indulgence for me, a game of mystery... guess the IP address if you like. The website also throws a plethora of anoraky stats in various different formats; for instance 'duration of visit'. Someone at '' was logged into my blog for a grand total of 23 hours 8 minutes and 32 seconds! I am flattered, to be sure - but haven't you got something better to do? I have had visits from the US too, I posted a reference to American author Matt Dinniman (a resident of Tuscon, Arizona) on my website in August and had a visit from someone from Tuscon, Arizona last month! Wonder who that was???
BTW - please check out Matt's website on Blogger here. It's a very rewarding read..

If you're googling yourself again Matt, here's a message for you: I love your stuff, man. It's pretty cool. Any chance you can send me a free copy of one of your novels so I can appreciate it even more?

I am kidding by the way.. visited from Minneapolis, St Paul - had a couple of looks at my profile at then the posts I wrote in August. Why is that? Am I being stalked from afar or something? Now after my previous blogging misadventures (those I have told will know what Im talking about) I am feeling pretty paranoid.. Will Homeland Security be knocking on my door in the near future??
Meanwhile, some dirty ba5tard in Gothenburg, Sweden was searching on Google for "picture sex on the dancefloor" and came across my site! Needless to say the person would have been very disappointed..

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bill Bailey und Kraftwerk

I love the fact this guy is just so unbelievably silly... with the added bonus that Kraftwerk held a (brief) teenage fascination for me..

Enjoy (or scratch you head in bemusement watching) it!

Stripes (1981)

Haven't written a review for a while, so I thought it was time for another one..

During my trawl for Christmas presents I came across a superb gift for yours truly: 3 Bill Murray films for 15 quid! Those of you who know me would realise how much Id get my jollies when buying that; 'Groundhog Day' (1993), 'Ghostbusters'(1984) and the film I shall be giving my brief two cents worth on now: 'Stripes' (1981).

Finding these films in one easy to buy package made me a very happy man..

It was directed by Ivan Reitman - a guy whose forte seems be irreverent, slightly saucy films like Ghostbusters and Animal House; in short the sort of movies which drove me wild as a 12 year old kid. According to these films, adult life would be a riot of impropriety, reckless living and girls with big chests and I was well up for it!

This time was an auspicious time for comedy, during the late 70s and early 80s alot of the comedians from the likes of SNL and SCTV were making inroads at the box office. The likes of John Belushi and Chevy Chase had starred in comedies to great acclaim and 'Stripes' was Bill Murray's second major outing (after Meatballs) as star.
Originally touted (according to the documentary) as 'Cheech and Chong join the army', Stripes garnered a smattering of druggy narcotic references throughout its 118 minutes - my favourite of which is Harold Ramis as 'Ziskey' taking half a dozen microdots (mistaking them for travel sickness tablets, natch) before trying to go AWOL on a US Army troop carrier about to leave on manoeuvres. However it is Bill Murray who makes this movie as wiseass Jon Winger; he has all the best lines whether sassing his superior officer (Warren Oates playing a benevolent version of the training sarge out of 'Full Metal Jacket'), inspiring his troops or trying it on with the ladies. I could go to anoraky lengths to bore you with the joys of the script, but needless to say it was a joy to rediscover this movie after not seeing it for a decade..

You! Watch this film!


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fake 'taches, Christmas Trees and sex on the dancefloor

It seems everyone is getting into a festive mood of sorts now..

I myself have never had much of a hankering for what Yuletide has to offer; mountains of food which you feel obliged to eat, overindulgence on the vino to blunt the senseless indifference to it all.. To be honest it leaves me cold...

However I did have my cold heart thawed out slightly after a visit to my sister's house, she has retained a respect and warmth for Christmas which I long ago lost. In just the simple act of putting up a tree, some of the happy old feelings of expectation did come trickling back..

Notice the lower branches of the tree are unadorned. Baubles hanging this close to the ground would have not escaped Jock's attention..

The first half of the month is also work Christmas party time, ours being held at a pub called 'The Boaters' - tucked away in Canbury Gardens, alongside the Thames in Kingston. Disappointingly, everyone was pretty well behaved; bar a drunken looking couple who tried to have sex on the dance floor, of course! Will tongues be wagging in the kitchen come Monday? I look forward to finding out..

My mate Mark also held the celebrations for his 31st yesterday, hot on the heels of the drunken revelry described above. And it was all very civilised; the high jinks reaching a crescendo when the fake moustaches came out (flashback to my day as 80s Geordie extra in 'Cass: The Movie'). Here is a fetching picture of the birthday boy and my mate Harry in sepia tinged 'Edwardian Pugilist' pose.

Spill someone's pint and you still settle it by Queensbury Rules!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I bet the Deutsche Dancefloors are heaving when this comes on..

Its kinda funny,

I used to love Yello when I was a kid, and with the advent of Youtube, Ive discovered THEY STILL SOUND AS GOOD AS THEY USED TO! Check out the remix of 'To The Sea' you'll find on YouTube for further evidence..

They are still totally barking too!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Serious Political Post... please read..

Been thinking about this one for a while, so please indulge me on this..

America is having an election in 2008, for the top job. But I'm sure you're aware of this..

As an English person I might be asked: 'Why do you care?' or 'Why is this important/relevant to you?' Well, let me tell you..

Perceptions of how we live our lives have changed over the last 8 years. With 9/11, 7/7 Afghanistan, Iraq, torture, 'extraordinary rendition' and all that kind of thing, we have a much more circumspect way of looking at life. Is the fact that 'Terror' has become a major factor in our day to day thinking? Should we sacrifice liberties we had before to keep us safe? Personally I think not - there was a bloke called Benjamin Franklin who once said:

"Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety."
However things have changed, collectively we have taken 'The War on Terror' on as part of cultural lexicon (are we at 'War'? Who/what is 'Terror?') and when the head of MI5 says this , the BBC reports it with little or no comment, its the thin end of the wedge for me.

Anyway, the US has taken this mindset onto an even greater degree. Measures which scare the crap out of me are being touted as courses of action in order to 'safeguard' us, and are being touted as informed opinion in the Press. For example:

So, with Dubya getting ready to retire, the presidential hopefuls are all paid up members of the same fear mongering establishment - i.e. advocates of more war, more hate, more fear and more sacrifice of fundamentals in the 'War on Terror' (ever heard of the Patriot Act?). The likes of Clinton, Romney and Giuliani will all do what they are told to, and carry on along the course which we have been set... There is one guy who wont:

Now this cheerful looking chap is a 72 year old Texas Congressman called Ron Paul. He is big on something called 'common sense', he believes the reason why American and British soldiers are being blown up in Iraq is that they are there in the first place! Makes you think doesn't it? If some foreign power came and stationed ground troops in your country for several years, wouldn't you be a bit pissed off? He believes in non-extravagant economic management, he believes in something called 'The Constitution', which our American cousins have - kind of like a 230 year old list of rules for running a country that they get you to memorise at school. 'The Constitution' has a whole load of good stuff about the rights of the individual and how they shouldn't be overrode by the power of The State, I'm no expert but check it out..
Now don't get me wrong, the contents of a two century old document of do's and don'ts can be a bit antiquated (abortion? right to bear arms?). However most of the time its pretty close to the mark..
Mr Paul is big on the Internet at the moment, free thinkers like him, students like him, white supremacists like him (????!!!) but still he shows pretty low on the news over there - and over here too..
What I'm saying (finally!) is this: this guy is important in that he is challenging the mainstream orthodoxy of how things are run over there - he is making people think afresh about issues that the TV and papers don't cover, he is challenging what is now commonly thought. Paul has caught my imagination and made me take a second look about culture, about politics - about what is served up as being important in the world today. What goes on America will be landing on our doorsteps in the near future. Do me a favour. Check him out, tell any Americans you know about him, question what you read in your papers, what you see on your television or what you hear on your radio. Think for yourself about what is important, don't recycle public opinion and let someone else do your thinking for you..
Thanks for reading..
I'll get off my soapbox now..

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

An interesting business proposition and other things...

Something that made me smile...

I had an invitation to a birthday party from a work colleague I know, a lovely young girl called Tania..

She's is turning 23 and is having a party in Holborn with all her similarly sleek, glossy young friends. Imagine Holly Vallance and the extras from a Loreal shampoo ad out on the town and you wouldn't be far off..

Now I take this as a REAL compliment, normally I would be there in a flash. However I fear the sight of a big, hairy 30 year old cavorting round like he is on Ecstasy might scare the living sh*t out of them!

Anyway, I was the recipient of an interesting business proposition the other day. My mate Dave's girlfriend Kara J is going into business, as an Ann Summers party organiser (kind of like Tupperware parties for the new millennium), she wants male assistance from what is known as 'Butlers in the Buff' (ahem..), which after a few beers sounded like an interesting offer. However in the cold light of sobriety the following morning, common sense did start to make its presence felt..

A pack of drunken women? They'd be like a bunch of animals! I'd need protection to keep them off (see below)! Plus, numerous sessions down the gym to sort me out first of all..

Taser /Protection/Riot Shield... Keeps the tipsy women at bay...

Monday, December 03, 2007

300 - PG Version

Another one from Youtube I'm afraid.. my apologies..

It really makes me laugh so I decided to share it with you. You really need to have watched the film '300' beforehand but enjoy it anyway even if you haven't!


Celebrity Tat? We Love it!

The Current Bun is a very unprententious rag; football, birds, reality telly and jingoistic nonsense. It does what is says on the tin..

Part of me is down with that. If I want geeky Opta stats about Steven Gerrard passing percentage, I look at The Sun. If I want Keely with her ample jubblies out, I look at The Sun. If I want worthwhile intelligent journalism... I look elsewhere..

However... this doesnt stop me gnashing my teeth at the impropriety of what News Corp considers to be 'news'. I was in the supermarket on Sunday, looking to get my weekend fix of whats happening in the world. The Sun had a front page of Cerys Matthews out of Catatonia in her skimpies, smiling coquettishly over her shoulder. Now dont get me wrong: its a lovely sight, but does it warrant a page 1 headline with the comment 'the TV relationship everyone is talking about'?

'Who are ya?'

Its got my brain cells whirring away this one. With tedious inevitability, the red tops have served up another tawdry coupling of media mosquitoes who will clutter column inches and the radio waves for the immediate future. To me this seems to be the nadir of celebrity fluff and tattle, another union of celebrity B listers we can paw over, read about in Heat magazine before the inevitable break up. Give it maybe 4 months and we will see the bird who sang 'Muldurrrr and Sculleee' (like Bjork slowly having her toenails pulled out) with a face looking like a bulldog sucking on a wasp as Heat's front page: 'CERY'S LOVE SPLIT AGONY' or some other over sensationalised tosh. Just like all the other couples who have been served up on the Reality TV conveyor belt, we will chew them up and spit em back out again...
We went through it with the pouting Northern Posh wanna be Chanel and ex boy band monkey man Ziggy from the last series of Big Brother. The last two 'celebs' who were prepared to have a bunk-up on live telly in order to further their 'media careers'. Hopefully Welsh warbler Cerys and soap actor ape Marc Bannerman will disappear off into similar obscurity.