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Monday, January 28, 2008

Ruffles Crinkle Cut Crisps Advert - Kyle MacLachlan

Bit of self indulgence here. I was emailing my buddy Mark and indulging a little olden day reminiscing (something Youtube is perfect for). Here is a real piece of my past, I don't understand how a TV commercial can have such resonance for me even now.. I guess it was the Twin Peaks thing KM was doing at the time..

I used to worship this guy, but looking back on it.. whoring yourself out for a pack of crisps!?!?!?!?! Agent Cooper would NOT have approved..


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Darth Vader Feels Blue

Another steal from Youtube, apologies to those who have seen it before. I like it, makes me smile.

Out on the lash pics... 12/1/08 Part 2

Looked on my Statcounter programme again..

It seems people have been checking out WoB at 6.20 this morning and 7.30 yesterday morning! Is it insomnia or are my words really that interesting to read??
Personally I hope its the latter...
On a balmy Sunday afternoon I was moved to add a further entry in the blog. Here are some more (albeit belated) pics from my birthday celebrations a couple of Saturdays back.

Close-up Pics of Tom P and James S
James looks like he's seen something he really appreciates the look of, know what I mean?

Caroline relishes wearing the Glasses Of Dancing Power

Thats your lot. The rest of the pictures are pretty shoddy, so I won't share those with you. So, until next time,

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Have been running round like a blue arsed fly recently, alot of things to do, you see..

Anyway, Im gonna disappoint my 4 or so die-hard WOB readers by posting something a bit profound.

No wit and whimsy for you today, Im afraid..

'Why We Fight' is a documentary on the significance of the US Military in world affairs. Directed by an extremely perceptive and smart guy called Eugene Jarecki, it won the top Documentary Award at the Sundance Film Festival in 2006.

Click here to view it.




Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A guy with clearly nothing better to do..

I was having a conversation with a mate at work. We were wondering what the World Record was for ball juggling (yeah, before you think otherwise.. it WAS a quiet day in the office!) Apparently its keeping 12 balls up in the air at once, there is also an 'endurance' record of juggling 3 balls for 11 hours (!!!???). This guy is pretty good, quite hypnotic too, I think you'll find...


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Alex and Olivia's birthday pix: Saturday 12th Jan 2008

Taken at The Legion in Guildford.. I didn't take the crap ones, just so you know.. Part 1 of several

Friday, January 18, 2008

Jesus F***ing Christ, look at this!

I don't normally take the Lord's name in vain, sorry..

But if you thought your front room was fully mod conned up, check this piece of kit out!

As the article says:
"Home hearth UI lets you to add a fireplace, windows, and wallpaper, etc.
Your TV is now your wall, which is cool and sad."

Couldn't put it better.. Imagine watching Eastenders on this monster!

Affluenza.. (very apt)

This article made me think.

As we all pile into the January sales, desperate to get our fix from that much sought after 'bargain', will it make as any happier???

Some realy good news at the start of 2008..

Im happy as a pig in s**t at the moment,

one of my closest mates is getting hitched this year. My photo album shows Jim's transformation from pastel anorak clad birdwatcher to the uber-cool family man of recent years. His big day is kinda like the cherry on the top so Im seriously chuffed for him.
So, later on this year, a London contingent of well-wishers will be taking the long journey up to Edinburgh for the big day; Sunday best attire in our overnight bags and big handfuls of Anadin tablets for the morning after. As is the tradition, we shall drink lakes of wine and congregate on the dancefloor when it starts heaving. There's a tune which I always associate with weddings now - its called 'Going Loco Down in Acapulco' by the Four Tops,and if that platter gets laid you'd see me dance with reckless abandon!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's my birthday today..

And it really doesnt bother me!
The shock of turning 30 was pretty seismic, mind. This time last year I had awoken with a sense of existential angst to go with my stoking hangover. The grey hairs? The receeding hairline? The rampant nasal hair? The bleary eyed face that stared back at my in the bathroom mirror was no longer the moon faced cherub on my driving licence!
Still, I have come to terms with that...
However one thing which came to my attention (twice!) was other people's perception of my age. I was informed by a girl I work with and also by one of my best buddies that I was '31 years young!' Now that's something an old lady would say to reassure you she is still in full possession of her faculties isnt it? She may be as old as Abraham but she's still young at heart. Have I reached the threshold where people reckon I should be entering a mid life crisis as my youth is now a vague(ish) memory?
Anyway, I'm off out tonight. Will take some pictures and post them here for your amusement.
Alex (a year older and a year more bemused with life)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

'We Want Your Soul' or 'I'm Never Watching Television Again'

Remix of a tune by techno type guy called Adam Freeland. Not enjoyable to listen to but the video is as eloquent as they come.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Ode to Darts

Its that time of year now..

'May the darts be with you'

Late December/ early January is when most sport seems to have an extended winter holiday. However now is when the noble 'sport' of darts that takes over the mantle of public consciousness in its outsized, sausage fingered hands. I'm not a fan of the Sky version of the darts, mind, no glitzy venues chock full of lovely birds and celebs for me. Give me the BDO finals as televised on BBC from the Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green, Surrey. The venue has a slightly down at heel, 70s flavour to it, the kind of place you'd expect the Sweeney to go for a training conference, know what I mean? One of the experts featured is the extraordinary permatanned man pictured above. Bobby George, a.k.a the King of Darts makes a used car dealer look demure with the amount of gold he wears, doesn't he?

Other fine 'athletes' include the man-mountain known as Andy 'The Viking' Fordham: winner of the BDO World Title in 2005. A huge hulking man with huge ham shaped arms, lustrous beard and full head of thick dark hair. I was at Frimley Green when 'The Viking' won; he came to the front of the stage holding the trophy above his sweaty mane to the strains of DJ Otzi's 'Hey Baby'. Several hundred drunken devotees bellowing their acclaim along to the tune..

As a footnote, Fordham lost 10 stone after a health scare. The contrast in appearance between him now and his playing prime is astonishing:

Pies!....No Pies!

Anyway, I digress. There is something quite astounding how this sport can get a large crowd of men (and some women) jumping up in joy by just the flinging of a single arrow. Granted, the booze does help, but you cannot fail to get sucked into the atmosphere of it. It's almost hypnotic: the screen is split in half, the player throws his dart from the right hand side and a split second later the dart hits the board with a satisfying 'whump' on the left side. A checkout (when you've gotta hit a double to win is high drama. The screen fills with the desired target, all is quiet for a second before the arrow hits home like some huge whaling harpoon. You'll be seeing the tournament on your televisions very soon, so enjoy!

Some related links for you:

* Darts is good for adult numeracy: so it's alright to spend all day down the boozer playing then.

* The Kingdom of Bobby George

* 9 Dart finish for Raymond Van Barneveld: Kind of like a maximum break in snooker, but a bit quicker. Man oh Man! Whoah!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

... in with the new

I'm feeling surprisingly clear headed today. A refreshing contrast from January 1st's of previous years. Normally I wake up on someones couch at dawn; guts like jelly and with the taste of next-door's cat in my mouth from knocking back too much vino. Typically a traipse to the station follows, then a seat on a train carriage where I perspire freely and desperately try to keep my breakfast down before bed and a fitful snooze till early evening... A day wasted in other words.

Last night was a quiet one. Drinks and munchies with my chums Dave and Kara before seeing in the New Year with Liv and The Frenchman. For the occasion I borrowed one of Dave's shirts - a fetching number with a digital clock emblazoned across the chest for the countdown to 2008.. an update of the Flavour Flav look for the 21st century if you will..

Anyway, Im feeling remarkably optimistic today. My mission is to make 2008 the best year possible. '07 started with some promise before falling away quite dramatically about three quarters of the way through (some of you know what Im talking about) so let's see what the next 12 months will bring.

Happy New Year to everyone who is reading this, I hope all your dreams are fulfilled in 2008.