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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Apartment (1960) and Steal This Movie (2000)

Haven't written a film review for a while. Im sure you're in withdrawal for my words of celluloid wisdom (ho ho ho)

Well, in my woozy, delirious state I have two for you now. No spoilers, I hope, just a little taster of what you should expect...

Steal This Movie is the bio-pic of 60s activist Abie Hoffman. You heard of this guy? I hadn't: he was a left wing activist involved in student demonstrations before doing a runner to avoid a sentence for drug dealing. He went incommunicado for about 5 years before turning himself in to the authorities in the early 1970s. Hoffman sounded like a really interesting guy, check him out on Wikipedia for further information as I'm just too spaced out to detail any stuff here, really, I am..

Mrs Hoffman is played by an actress called Janeane Garafalo (left) - dry, brunette and smouldering in a quirky offhand kind of way. God, I had a real thing for her when I was about 17, she proved that off the wall rock chicks could be smart and sexy. Well at least that was what I thought.. She seemingly cut her teeth on a mix of frothy romantic comedies and as support for more weighty stars (the Ben Stiller Show anyone?). She has gone full circle from hippy activist Anita Hoffman to featuring in machismo vehicle '24'. Better find her a nice big gun then.. Funnily enough the star playing Abbe Hoffman has done a similar thing. This movie is worth watching simply to see how charismatic Vincent D'Onofrio can be as the pig baiting Hoffman. He simply is that compelling. Then check him out as top forensic for The Man in CSI - his range really is that wide.
Don't go out of your way to check it out, but if you end up seeing it on telly 'Steal This Movie' is a pleasant little diversion..
'The Apartment' is one of those black and white films that people seem to lavish with praise. Its directed by 3 times Oscar winner Billy Wilder, so you'd expect it to be sharp. And it's pretty spiffy - Jack Lemmon plays CC Baxter: a man whose eponymous apartment gets regularly used by senior work colleagues for extra curricular activities of an amorous nature. In short: they phone him when they want to take a chick somewhere, he leaves his key under the mat for them and returns several hours later. Things are complicated slightly when a girl he has a thing for becomes involved and he has to make a stand for his love.
The big hole in this premise is: if you were on a promise, you'd take a chick back to a motel wouldn't you? Not a junior work colleagues flat??? Try as I might, I couldnt get my head round that.. it just didn't seem to sit right. Plus.. isn't Jack Lemmon the most grating, nervy persona on screen you've ever clapped your eyes on?? He played some wonderfully meaty roles, won the Oscar twice - but I always think of him as the good natured Labrador type he plays so well in this movie. People impose on him, he give them what they want and wags his tail, they pat him on his head, give him a treat and he wags it some more. He plays doormat par excellence here so the redemption at the end does not ring true.
Watch and it and see what you think..


Jefferson Airplane do Star Trek

Was the original series of Star Trek really THIS trippy??

Friday, February 22, 2008

I don't do ill..

Well I didn't look that bad... As a rule I do not feel unwell enough to be banished to from work to my bed. Till yesterday, that is.. Absence seems to hit the office in waves and this winter we seem to be badly afflicted. I rocked into the office on Wednesday feeling a little lethargic: 'must be the hangover from last night' I thought'. Alas no; as I could barely raise myself out of my bed on Thursday, hobbled into the office before excusing myself three hours later. The place was like a hospital ward, ailments aplenty, and managment were becoming increasingly agitated as we continued dropping like flies.

I traipsed home and slept.
The fun started about 10pm when I was awoken with a raging fever and a blossoming migraine so vibrant it felt like it was gonna burst out of my skull. Y'know, some nasty little toothsome creature out of a Ridley Scott movie.. Still, after a couple of paracetamols and the soothing background noise of Radio 4 I managed to get a bit of kip.
You'll be glad to know I'm feeling chirpier today. I havent ventured too far from my bed and still feel like I've been tendorised by Clubber Lang out of Rocky. But besides that it's all good..

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Real Treat...

All of the South Park episodes and the movie. Watch them for free. Childish, crude but incredibly funny...



You can't help but agree with him..

Mr David Lynch on product placement and IPhones.

I still can't put my finger on why I love this guy so much. The mad sticking up hair? The fangs? If you were watching the latest Batman movie on your IPhone commuting to work, he'd probably hunt you down and kill you with it! Wadda guy...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Music Player!

Check out the spiffy little Jukebox I've added to the left hand side of this page - nice! Any special requests and I might just add them for you.



Never struggle putting your front door key in the lock at night again...

BURN your way in...

This appeared in a London free newspaper about a week ago. Yeah, we have newspapers that they give away at train stations to make your trip to work quicker! Does this happen outside of the UK? Maybe some of the American/Spanish/Jamaican folk who check out my blog can tell me - I'd be very curious to find out if it does!

Basically this guy has designed a new toy for the weapons industry - hasnt he? Take out the UV filter and you can chop someone up like a hot knife through butter. Then again, the US Army probably wouldnt want to keep going down to Walmart to buy batteries for the bloody things, I reckon..

Meanwhile in CelebLand, Liam Gallagher continues his regression into one of the great apes. Check out this picture - he wouldnt look out of place in one of the PG Tips Ads...

There's No Other Tea to beat PG! Ooo-ooo-ooo!


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WOMEN?!?!?!?!?!? Baaaahhh!!!

Sometimes I sit here and scratch my head in bewilderment at the vagaries of female thinking. I was moved to write on the basis of a prime example of it..

Dont get me wrong: I love 'em. But the logical jumps some of some never cease to amaze me. I have a friend (who is wonderful, let me not forget to add) who texted me along the line of 'all men are bastards' kind of thing. She was sounded pissed off so I thought: 'What's her latest guy done to her?' and I was pretty concerned. It turned out that he had played the 'lets be friends' routine on her and she was furious! Absolutely spitting with rage!
If she's reading this I'm gonna reiterate what I said before, I find its better in word than in speech: People will turn you down - even when you're as wonderful as you are.. if they're dumb enough to do it; IT'S THEIR LOSS!! Everyone deserves the love and affections of another, but don't expect it to land on your plate - life really isnt that easy.. You thought you could just position someone in place for some TLC on Valentines Day? People have an irritating habit of NOT doing what you want and will be more and becoming more stubborn if you object to what they ARE doing! You're shining white knight is out there (and don't quibble on details I'm using that phrase just as a generalisation :) ) You've just got to work harder for him and not expect to wrap him round your finger when you do get him!!

They're made up like clowns..Robert Palmer's singing..YET IT'S STILL GOOD!

When I was a kid this video used to please me on so any levels.. you know what I mean..

I was a massive fan or RP (God Rest His Soul) and this is him at his chipmunk cheesy greatest.Topped off with an army of beauties clad in synthetic swimming costumes who look someone tried to drown them in a bath of Max Factor makeup..

Still its sort of.. hypnotic.. don't you think?

Saturday, February 09, 2008

It's not as easy (or fun) as I thought it would be!

Traditionally, good God fearing people obstain for something over the 40 days of Lent. The significance? God knows: something to do with the time period between Jesus doing one thing and then doing something else.. the finer points of Christianity fail to inspire me.

Anyway, I'm gonna give it a try. For 40 days and 40 nights I intend that no alcohol will pass my lips. Why? You might ask? Well, to be honest with you - Ive been knocking them back recently and it's effecting my physique aswell as my bank balance. Besides: Ive had enough of holding in my stomach in when walking round the office...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Meaning of Dreams... and an intepretation for a friend

Gonna lay a deep one on you...

Have you ever wondered about the significance of what you dream of when I you sleep? Have you ever awoken from a particularly trippy dream (a friend of mine once dreamt he was handcuffing a huge swiss roll!) and thought: 'What the f**k was that about?'

If not, ignore this... I'm sure you'll find Brittany Spears mentalist exploits a whole lot more thrilling..

I have: but then you have probably guessed that. Back in the olden days our ancestors used to think it was Zeus, Jahweh or the Good Lord himself trying to tell us something - it wasnt till the likes of Freud (repressed) and Jung (mystic dude) hit the subject with a cold, clear blast of science.

Jung: Deep

The interweb is great source for those looking to find out what their brains are telling them as they slumber. Google 'dream interpretation' and you'll get about 4,070,000 entries - check it out if you're interested..

So, tonight Im gonna tell you about one of mine.. and a dream of a friend. He texted me with bemusement asking 'So what the hell you think this is about then?'..

Anyway, I digress. Mine was a couple of weeks ago. I dreamt I was flying through the air like the kid in 'The Rocketeer': it was invigorating, effortless and oh so pleasurable. My fun was shortlived however, as I was caught in a nuclear explosion! Big bang, lots of heat - y'know, something like out of Terminator 2.

Well: the flying bit is easy to analyse.. typically it is supposed to mean 'free and unfettered of previous restrictions or hindrances'.. The nuking bit is a little more ominous - quoting from

'Some explosive emotions or fears that terrify. Your anger may explode and do you and others damage.'

So I'm gonna throw a paddy and take a few people out then??!! Thats encouraging...

And now for an analysis for my friend. He dreamed he was in a park, took his tongue out, continued to talk, got scared and put it back in again (??!!) He then met Des Lynham at the tube station, the former MOTD host was very impatient and couldnt help my friend with his change. My friend then went into a club and saw someone who had removed all their toes much to the praise of all around him. Everyone else was praising him but said amputee looked very sad..

Well.. the tongue bit is the easy part.. Id read that as an intention to communicate what someone is really thinking. Putting yer tongue back in would indicate a discomfort of putting on a happy face for the benefit of everyone else.. Des Lynham could be considered anyauthority figure who is intolerant of my friend's 'change' (the brain tends to work on puns, you see). As for the guy who chopped of his own toes.. I'm stumped... pardon the pun..

Sunday, February 03, 2008

MORE pics of 12.1.08

At risk of boring you further, here are MORE snaps taken by Mark. Hell, Ive got 91 of them - so Ill just share my favourites with you, natch.. starting with a Crimewatch lineup...
Would you by a dodgy stereo from any of these people?

Harry (c) looks kinda placid whilst Chris (right) has a real Mr Hyde kind of thing going on..scary!

Gaz has all the moves..

Friday, February 01, 2008

More photos of out on the lash.. 12/1/08

My mate Mark came round the other night...
In his possession he held a CD with primo pics of my birthday celebrations from 12/1/08. And alot of them too..
Metaphors escape me when I describe how I feel when I first viewed these (Bull in china shop, kid in sweet shop, etc, etc - f**k knows). Mark's pics have a certain attention to detail that mine lack... pin sharp, shiny and altogether extremely good on the eye.. Here are some of the best of the lot - the ones that made me smile. Hope you like them as much as I do.

Why the look Liv? Has Charlotte cracked one off or something???!!...

Chris looking as handsome as always..

What the f**k is going on this one??? I really have no idea...