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Friday, March 28, 2008

Cigs and cold weather.. amongst other things..

Hi there,

Hope you're all well. This goes out to my selected group of regular readers - you know who you are. Thanks again for finding my words, links and pictures of repeated interest. They must be if someone is reading this blog at 7.30am on a Sunday morning (you know who you are!).
Anyway. I digress (as usual).

I'm writing this on Friday afternoon, the bright afternoon sunshine is flooding through my window as I type. DJ Shadow is on the turntables (google him) and the album is called 'Private Press'. Usually my mood can be measured against how many packs of cigarettes I buy - and this week Ive bought my first 10 pack of Bensons in about a month... rock and roll, eh? Barely smoke any fags, so this points to me being pissed off and/or generally narked with things. Easter weekend was a prime example: I mean, what the f**k was going on? Snow, sleet, gales and then bright skies before the next mother lode of hail passed over from Siberia.. or wherever the hell it came from..
Science is now talking up 'Climate Change' as opposed to 'Global Warming'. There is discourse about the Gulf Stream turning off all together and Britain experiencing a climate similar to Newfoundland 'within decades'. You heard it here folks, no more heatwaves - just rain during the summer and snow during the winter. As Al Gore is preaching the exact opposite, I dont trust anyone myself...

The future???

Finally, something sorta unusual for your attention, courtesy of my pal Mark. Thanks, Mark.
A rewarding (yet slightly disturbing) visual experience. Enjoy (would that be the right word?)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A man and his rabbit

GWB gets into the Easter spirit of things a little too much. Looks like the bunny's got lucky!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Podcasting 101 (ctd)

Another one for you. A podcasting primer for all those Luddites out there, from Radio 5 Live.
Scroll down to 'Latest Episodes', right click on the 'download episode' icon and save to ya desktop. Easy!
Presented by a nasally annoying Ulsterman.. in podcast form.. so enjoy!

Monday, March 24, 2008

David Lynch Remix: Panties in my Mouth

Now you might know Im a David Lynch fan. I find him very..intriguing..

Therefore I had to share this today: you'll either laugh of be totally non-plussed by it. I reckon this clip is one of the weirdest, funniest things I have seen for many years.. enjoy!


Jim Jeffries - those of gentle disposition look away..

Now this bloke is truly filthy, I think he's just ace... in a Bill Hicks kind of way. Enjoy.

Dont youtube work over Easter?.. bugger..

I had two great little snippets for you, but they still haven't arrived at WoB from the youtube website yet... damn...

As people are still checking out my website over the Easter Weekend, I thought Id better add something more. After all, I don't want to leave you slavering for more.. do I?

Anyway... Ive been checking out some podcasts which Id like to share with you. Nowadays I won't travel anywhere without one of these puppies on board my trusty MP3 player. So please, check some of these out.. or have a search for something which might make your day.
The BBC has a cracking site for all your UK related 'casting needs. However, Id also point you towards which is a good all-round US site with a wide spread of stuff to amuse and inform. A new favourite of mine is 'Behind the Bricks'. It's presented by a comedian called Brian Mollica and does exactly what it (figuratively) says on the tin. Click on the link, download away and you'll see what I mean.
I hope Ive given you something to think about. If you've got know some podcasts you think I'd enjoy, let me know....

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sky Blue Latest

My football team misfired again. Yet another toothless display against mediocre opponents leaves Coventry City just two points off the relegation places, and with games against the likes of Watford and Charlton to come, I don't see things getting any better..
Goals from our Maltese wonderboy, Michael Mifsud (or as my mate called him 'Misdud' - ho ho ho) have dried up - so who else is gonna get 'em? In the meantime our previous target man is knocking them in for high flying Bristol City. This can only go one way, methinks.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

When Oil of Olay just ISN'T enough.

Do you remember Atomic Kitten? They used to comprise of a band of particularly winsome looking Scouse girlies with lovely figures, white teeth and long glossy hair. Mmmmm..

Atomic Kitten in 2000: Crikey!

The blonde one was a bit of alright. From memory, Kerry Katona split from the rest of them soon after this to do her thing: marry a boyband member, settle down and have kids.

However, during my lunchtime surf today I stumbled across a pic of her just seven years later, when she married hubbie number two. Click here.

Seriously, how old does she look now? Dont get me wrong, having four children by the age of 27 must take a bit of a toil on you - but she's got a Cilla Black thing going on here!! If there's ever a reason to lay off the chop, the booze and the Iceland food - its staring right at you in the form of Kerry Katona's squinty, prematurely aged face..

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mmmoney! (Thats what I want)...

See this?

This is a two pound coin. For my American reader(s), thats currently a tad under four dollars as I write this (???!!!) It looks a bit like one of these:

That is a 2 euro coin. They're very alike aren't they? Part of a longer campaign to get the British accustomed to the single European currency perhaps? Maybe.... but thats another story.
I'm gonnatry collecting as many two pound coins as I can. Normally they disappear out of my wallet with alarming regularity, but from now on - Im gonna be putting them aside.
Will keep you updated on how many I can get my hands on....

Monday, March 17, 2008

Is it Art?

Pics and MPeg taken from the Tate with my trusty N73.

The latest 'installation' in the main entrance is a large earthquake like crevice that runs the length of the Turbine Room. I stand astride it like the colossus of a man that I am. Nice shiny head too - will have to start wearing hats soon methinks..



Trippy Strip Lighting by Dan Flavin

Sunday, March 16, 2008

More blogger adventures from The Random

Ha ha,

Someone from Buenos Aires, Argentina stumbled across WoB while looking for Kyle MacLachlan on Google. Im stumbling around for a cliche other than 'small world, huh?' and failing to find one..

Like the Easter Island statues after a speed binge: but is it art?
Today I visited the Tate Modern gallery (pictures to come next time). I scratch my head in bewilderment at most of what is considered to be 'Modern Art' (I'm probably proving my Philistine tendencies by putting that phrase in inverted commas, but who cares?!). Some of the installations therein are of the bemusing variety: earthy grey coloured surrealist swirlings or tasteless metallic castings which wouldn't be out of place amongst London's outdoor sculptures.
Ive got a thing for a bit of colour. Some Romanian guy trying to render The Muppets in stick figure form with fluorescent paint is gonna get my vote over Jackson Pollock any day. My favourite at the moment is a guy called Piet Mondrian: not too much variation in his works but they have a reassuring, clear cut linear nature to them. What do you think?


Friday, March 14, 2008

I better brush down the suit then!

I joined my friend Dave for a couple of beers last night. He is planning to move in with his girlfriend, settle down, live happily ever after, etc. etc. I haven't seen him this happy for a while, and of course I'm seriously chuffed for him.
Over a couple of pints of IPA he asked me to be his best man! I feel so honoured that someone would consider me for such a responsibility. Granted it probably won't be for a while as yet - but it makes me feel like a particularly contented kind of guy.
Better start preparing the 'she'll crush his spirit' jokes now - just in case!

Football Update:

Quiet day in the office, so I thought Id add a further blog entry.

It seems like I have a die-hard readership of about 5 people. For that I thank you: it's a real buzz that what I write is of interest to people, and that Im NOT just chuntering away in cyberspace...
Here's an update no my bet . Back in the 'summer' of last year I put a tenner on an accumulator that is scheduled to return odd of 6 or 8 to 1 if it all comes in. After countless ups and downs here is the latest:

DERBY COUNTY: a shoo in. One win in 29. 14 goals scored. Top scorer Kenny Miller with.. 5 goals. Frank Lampard was scoring for fun against them the other day. Nuff said..

WEST BROM: The Baggies should go up. Emphasis on 'should'. Currently they sit in 4th, with a couple of games in hand on Stoke and Bristol City above them. Kevin Phillips has just scored his 800th career goal or something and West Brom are in the semi final of the FA Cup - a piece of silverware that they could actually win this season ! My only concern would be an end of season blip during the fixture congestion. However with Phillips, Bednar et al knocking them in there shouldnt be a problem...

NOTTINGHAM FOREST: Seem to be in the frame. Swansea are aceing this division (yeah Swansea??!!), but Forest are well and truly in contention - top scorer sounds like he should be lead singer of a 1980s reggae band. They can’t stay rooted in the old Third Division.. can they???

MK DONS: Fergie’s son has done the business in the last couple of months and The Posh are now top after three consecutive away wins. MK Dons are snapping away in second, game in hand and a couple of points further back. They should do the business.. SHOULD do..
CELTIC: The weak point of my bet: The Bhoys drew against Dundee United at home recently, and are three points back having played a game more than Rangers. Lets hope a lengthy UEFA Cup run means they come acropper in April time!


Monday, March 10, 2008

Down the 'Ming

For those of you wondering why there was a picture of an alien at the end of my last post, click on the picture and all will be clear. I felt it was a little... obscure..
Anyway. I am not a happy soul. I am annoyed. My broadband, interweb linkup thingy at home refuses to function. It has a big, mocking red light on it regardless of my best efforts to coax it into meaningful activity. Nothing is going on. Nada. So I'm down my local library to give you my latest update.
Last Friday was spent down in leafy Godalming, a former stomping ground. Im well chuffed that I have a regular reader in the form of James Staley, an old friend! He is the one who looks at my blog at obscenely early hours of the morning on a Saturday and Sunday! Is that to help him get back to sleep again? I don't know!
We visited the towns premier nightspot for a few drinks and a dance and saw two old faces from the past - Matt Vincent and Ben Cork! Granted it has been 12 years or so since I saw them last, but there has been big changes to the callow little students I remember. Vince is now a suave looking lawyer - a lifetime away from the beered up metaller I used to know back in the day. Corkie has obviously been living the old dolce vita and has really bulked out. I guess that is what a decade does to you sometimes...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lilly Cole: Childrens' toy or Chris Walken's best mate?

The latest phenom that has rolled into the path of my cultural radar is model and fashion twiglet Lilly Cole. Her skinny body and elf-like face seem to grace countless magazine covers and billboards wherever you look... she's a star..

Lilly Cole: Dress her in forest green, give her a funny hat and she could star in the next Zelda video game..

Is it just me or is she a really strange looking girl? Back comb her flowing, red locks and she'd look like one of those troll dolls which little kids prize so much.

Look at the eyes too: inscrutable, not a spark going on there at all. Remind you of any other willowy limbed, ethereal cultural figure at all, does it??


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Torture Playlist

Evening there Mark et al,

Ever wonder what the US Army plays to its detainees to f**k with their minds?

Probably not.. but here's your answer.

Impeccably chosen, don't you think? All of these songs have a certain demented brilliance about them for an inmate running on no sleep for 3 days - especially the Purina Cat Chow tune. I'd own up to anything you wanted to after hearing that!



Sunday, March 02, 2008

One of those times you'll just shake your head and walk on..

I live in a very well-to-do London surburb. The Thames idles through the middle of it and cultural highlights abound wherever you care to look...

However it has a seamier side. 20,000 or student folk call it their home and descend on the bars, clubs and dodgy eateries to get their kicks of an evening. The sights you see are typical of any university town; handbags, overindulgence and people nearly getting runover by passing buses. You know the kind of thing..
What I saw on Thursday was a prime example. After a night out I popped into the local chicken joint for my treat of fried up rodent masquerading as finest white meat in a box. Hunkered over the counter was a guy; charcoal grey work attire, glasses, early 30s - presentable sort. He'd obviously ordered his drumsticks to soak up an evening of booze when his digestivite system had rebelled. Mr Suit was crouched over his container of goodies and oh-so-very carefully regurgitating what he had been snacking on straight back again! No vicious chundering or staggering around, just a neat, almost genteel voiding onto the counter in front of an audience of me, a couple of kids and the beseeching of the Indian folk who worked in the place. Mr Suit ignored all of us, continued leaning over his chow box, stock still and eyes closed whilst merrily gargling his partly digested dinner back up into public view.
Now you expect a grown up to know when enough is enough, don't you? Needless to say I didnt feel very hungry after that - I made my excuses and left pretty sharpish.