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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I've set myself a challenge...

I suggested this to someone via email and their response would do Nelson Muntz himself proud.

So will keep you posted. Currently I can do 10... and thats a struggle...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Late nights.. and early mornings..

After a day in the office staring at a computer screen, Ive come home to spend a few more hours staring at a different one!

Still, life continues to chunter along at an agreeable pace. My work days are spent sitting at a desk drinking coffee all day whilst my free time is spent in a much more rewarding manner. I've been alluding to what Ive been doing over the last couple of months and some people have caught on. All Im gonna say (for the moment) is Im tired but very contented... All the early starts to get to work of a weekday have had some benefits if you know what I mean???
Today a former boss came into the office, young infant in tow. Queue the procession of cooing female workers to crowd round the child to express their approval. Its times like this I wish I was a construction worker or something, as our office just swims with oestrogen. We need some Pirelli albums on the wall to redress the balance methinks.
Well it would put a more satisfying spring in my step than all those cups of coffee do!!!

It was baking this weekend. A sustained summer warm spell has finally settled over us bringing sunshine, smiles and a suntan. My usual English complexion has been turned a wholesome gold and I feel all the better for it. We ventured down to Clapham Common for the Ben and Jerry's music festival on Sunday and experienced temperatures in the late 20s. Punters were samwiched under anything which would provide a measure of shade; trees, the portable toilets, the bins... Those who couldn't laid down on the grass and just perspired. The free ice cream on offer got hoovered up pretty quickly and the queues for the water stretched to the dozens by mid afternoon. However, we amused ourselves with the diversions on offer such as the petting zoo - a local farm had brought along cows, sheep, a flock of rather warm, bemused looking waterfowl, a turkey and some interesting looking chicken/poodle crosses.... I kid you not, imagine Foghorn Leghorn crossed with Crufts finest and you're not far off..


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blogger?? Piece of cr**!! Grrr!!!

Apologies about the truncated wedding account last time around. Blogger is conspiring to make my image posting experience as irritating as possible of late. I attach a photo. Blogger freezes. I attempt to retrieve my post. It reappears.. without posted picture. I repeat the exercise.. and return the start of the sequence again...and again.. and again..
A short pause then follows as I shot put my PC monitor out my window... well not yet - but you know what I mean.
Am not impressed...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Stud's big day..

Sis Astrid with yours truly

You can probably guess what these two were up to..

Don't get the chance to write much nowadays, now I have more worthwhile things to concentrate my time on. Still, as my blog suddenly has a mind blowingly international readership.. thought it might be time to pull out a few more stops again.

Let me tell you about the wedding I went to the other weekend. Dusted down my formal suit, gave the shoes a good polish (you could see your face in ‘em!) and caught the train down to the Kent countryside to watch one of the step-family get hitched. And what church it was! (pic above) Sculptured topiary and crumbling gothic gravestones on the outside with cool white marble and a genial vicar as master of ceremonies on the inside. Brad and Tiggy come from the beautiful side of the family; the groom has an easy smile and an approachable charm, while the bride radiates a genuine warmth that you cannot fail to appreciate. In short – they are made for each other. I predict Mr and Mrs Morrish will settle down to a long and happy marriage and produce photogenic blonde Mothercare babies – much like my friends Steve and Amy.

The reception was held at the bride’s family home. A picturesque spread tucked away down single lane tracks and rustic farmland – complete with succulent farmland views and ample parking in the field next door. Guests rolled up the front drive and gathered in front of the main house to mingle whilst wait staff plied them with champagne and delectables. At the appointed hour, one of Brad’s buddies called us all in to the marquee to eat. The spread was for 150 people and we each guzzled our fair share of pair of red and white wines - each table was brought a side of lamb and a chefs hat - one person per table was nominated 'Dad' and carved up the meat. The vegetables followed quickly behind.

Speeches and congratulations followed. The bride was lightly ribbed by a proud father while two (yes two!) best men good humouredly tore into the groom with a supposedly teenage diary in which the young Brad referred to himself as 'The Stud' whilst making reference to his hair and all the pretty girls he knew. The audience loved the material, but it looked like the poor guy wanted the ground to open up and swallow him.

Once the formalities were over, we got stuck into the wine and the dancing. Finally I crawled off in a taxi with the family about 1am - well fed and happy.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Turn Me on... Dead Man' (??!!)

Folktales and rumours, dontcha just love em! I do – think Ive expressed my enthusiasm at length before though. Here is a good one, and surprisingly I never knew anything about it until recently

Gonna share my enthusiasm with you now. Indulge me by sharing my wonder if you’ve heard this one before. Scratch your head in bewilderment if you haven’t.
Click here:
Now it all sounds like a load of old nonsense to me, however the number and rich diversity of the ‘clues’ are fascinating – from the indistinct to the downright chilling. Back in the day people played pop records backwards to hear the hidden messages (both intentional and unintentional) - Revolution 9 from the White Album played forwards is freaky enough but in reverse makes the hair on the back of the neck stand on end unlike anything Ive experienced since watching the 20 second scary bit out of Inland Empire.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My latest gadget..

Nifty little blog map eh? Ive spent the last 6 months trying to find one that fits and finally tracked one down that (sorta) does..

Im a happy man.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LORDS: its a love/hate thing.

A view of Lords Pavillion on Day 4
Well, its the day after the cricket and Ive made a solid recovery.

To be quite honest Id been dreading it. 5 consecutive fifteen hour days that had last time left me feeling grumpy and delirious - was I seriously gonna put myself through that again!??

Yes I was. My alarm woke me up at 5.30 on Thursday and after a swift shower and a swifter can of Red Bull I was on my way. There is something special about the ambience of a Lords Test Match. Perhaps it's the checkerboard field of brilliant green which the game is played on, or the view from the stands when the English weather is not conspiring against us (see above). Or the people: Lords is one of the last bastions of the old boy network of florid faced cream clad middle aged men from good schools who possess horrible fashion sense. Their children (dragged at the weekend) are either photogenic little blonde girls who are bored silly by the whole occasion or young lads with pageboy haircuts and outfits matching those of their fathers'.. The MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) colours are everywhere you look. Their red and yellow flag waves from high above the Grandstand looking confusingly like the national flag of Spain. The members wear the egg and bacon colours on their ties, their handkerchiefs and also the most heinously lurid blazers you'd ever imagine.
5 minutes for play starts for the day, a cricketing luminary of old rings the bell to inform watchers that play is imminent - queue much singing of that old 1970s disco standard. On day four just before play started a former England captain called Mike Gatting walked by and he stopped for a chat. He was never a svelte man in his prime and has obviously been enjoying a little bit to much corporate cuisine of late. Predicting an England victory 'by lunch' on the final day he then wandered off - probably for a few more glasses of red and a snooze. A passerby overheard and piped up to me 'That Gatting, lunch is all he thinks about!'
I'll spare you a blow by blow account of the match. Ill just say that after 3 days of having the upper hand, the England team were scuppered by the South African batsmen who dug in under the sunshine of Sunday and Monday to force a stalemate. By 10 minutes to five on the final day, the captains shook hands, the Test was called a draw and we buggered off down the pub for what our boss John calls a 'debrief'. Must admit, in spite of the fatigue induced delirium, the camarederie amongst me and my colleagues makes rolling up to work at an ungodly hour well and truly worth it. The banter flows between us as freely as the alcohol does amongst the patrons upstairs. I've been given a nickname on account of religiously buying two sets of sandwiches for lunch daily - Tupac (geddit?) and I renamed my Australian buddy Sean Puff Daddy whilst teaching him all the gangsta patter I knew. When you see a white middle class guy from the suburbs of Sydney trying to act like a badboy it'd probably make you laugh too...
Next one is gonna be the one day international at the end of August and Im looking forward to it.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Off to the cricket again..

Working at Lords again this week. .. 5.30am starts and lots of rain - oh joy!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Thoughts for the week..

The sun's shining now..

I stepped out about an hour ago onto the fast flowing river which used to be known as Surbiton Crescent - the floodwater rushed past me at speed and passing motorists did their best to drench the pavements. Man.. is this climate change? I certainly can't remember June and July days of torrential downpours interspersed with the odd day of balmy sunshine. It seemed, well, alot more predictable back in the day.. thats what I think, anyway..

This evening I finally disposed of the services of Facebook after about two years of use. I have had enough. Managed to disable all the inane invitation emails which was a godsend, but do I really want a ringside seat on the mental workings of my peers? Frankly the thought of hanging out my (e-)washing out for all to gawp at does not appeal. If you wanna contact me, send an email. Or even better, call - be nice to chat!

After the financial glories of the last season, its again time for my football accumulator - this time for the 08-09 season. My £10 stake this time goes onnnnnn...

Hull City 1/4 RELEGATED:
Stoke 4/11 RELEGATED:
Both thes sides would need to spend plenty of cash to get the players neccessary to score the goals to keep them up. Hull are looking at Bolton, Man City and Middlesborough cast-offs while Stoke manager Tony Pullis has never been relegated whilst being in charge. I have a feeling that may change.

Crystal Palace 9/2 PROMOTED:
Unlucky to lose in the playoffs last season, Palace have an extremely canny manager who has a knack of bringing the best out of the assets he has. Needs a striker though, pretty sharpish..

Blackpool 7/4 RELGATED:
Come on! Its Blackpool we're talking about here! They're after Darren Huckerby!

Leeds United Evens PROMOTION:
The biggest fish in the division by a street. Been down for a season and so should have adjusted to the league - no 15 point penalty either. Way to much class for this level: Beckford, Howson et al should do the business here.

What do you think?

On a more amusing note: a picture for you. I regularly walk past a florist called 'The Buttonhole' in Molesey, Surrey. The shop has lost some lettering from above the window which is unfortunate to say the least.

In a fit of adolescence the temptation to take a picture was just too great.