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Monday, September 29, 2008

The wedding was a blast, by the way.

Don’t think I’ve condensed as much into a short period of time. From the knee and hip dislocating coach journey up to Edinburgh [anyone over the height of 5 foot 8 will know what I’m talking about there], through the associated debauchery and trip in brilliant sunshine along the Scottish coast on the return.

Jake and myself piled onto the coach for 11pm at Victoria for our late night slog up North. And it was a soothing enough journey up, the sodium lit right angled London suburbs soon gave way to the comparatively unlit M1 and we both managed to get some kip before reaching our first break point.. a non-descript service station on the outskirts of north Birmingham. These places feel like they exist in a midnight limbo, the décor is sombre and unchanging (Burger King, WH Smiths and small gambling area seemingly the norm) and seemingly the staff are too. The only variation are the headlines on the newspapers you browse whilst passing on through. Maybe it was just me, but the second service station seemed identical to the first! Had our driver been taking us in circles for hours just for his own amusement? Perhaps…

Saturday morning greeted us with bright sunshine upon arrival to Edinburgh. We crowbarred ourselves out of our seats and disembarked on the lookout for breakfast. Thankfully succour was close to hand in the form of a fry up and cup of tea for under 4 quid. Our bellies filled we went for a stroll soaking up the autumn sunshine and killing a few hours before our hotel room became available.

Edinburgh is a picturesque city, full of imposing Georgian architecture and inspiring views of the sea (to the north) and the rocky hilltops of Holyrood Park (just to the south-east of the old town). We hiked up the path along Salisbury Craggs and just drank it all in under a warm sun and bright, clear sky.

The master of all he surveys..

Jake waxes lyrical about the city

We finally secured our hotel rooms around 12ish, did a little wedding related shopping amongst the tourists crowds before settling in for afternoon snooze in preparation for the main event. And what an event it was! The venue was the RAF Club, a place where ex-serviceman kick back and relax under a proudly aloft Union Flag, which is ironic really as my mate Jim is as cool and anti-establishment as you can possibly get. He was dressed in all his finery that evening, the usual casual stuff had been replaced with cutting edge 21st century kilt and buckled black boot combo.. with hair cut into post-modern style mohican.

Think Braveheart meets the Matrix...

The groom and father.. like chalk and cheese..

Also present was Jim's old man, as you can probably make out above. And they couldnt be much more different - son: cutting edge and progressive, father: a pillar of local Surrey society.
The olds left us about midnight to party on, Jake and myself decamped to a local boozer to get a nightcap before bed. My nights sleep was patchy and Jake's seemed to be pretty much non existent. It seemed like he'd had a tough night, as his mournful stare at breakfast the following morning seemed to illustrate.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I can't wait.. for the weekend to begin.

Sorry bout the delay in posting..

Off to Edinburgh for my old buddy Jim's wedding celebration - photos to come.

In the meantime I am loading up on podcasts for the 9 hour coach journey (yeah Im, looking forward to that as much as youd expect), thought Id share some with you. Hope you enjoy..

The Collings and Herrin podcast is not for the fainthearted. A take on current affairs, it is in equal parts childish, crude but laugh out loud funny.. in a 15 year old kind of way..

Behind the Bricks is the brainchild of comedian Arizona comedian Brian Mollica and has been running for 90+ episodes. It is a behind the scenes look at the life of being a comedian presented in a very dry, intelligent style. Check out the tribute to comedy heavy hitter George Carlin, a man with half a century of output and a profundity (sp?) similar to that of Messrs Hicks and Bruce.
I reckon you should stock up too.. good for the 600 mile coach journeys in your life too..

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is my tinfoil hat (still) on straight?

A website I sometimes check for an alternative take on what is going on in the world, it'll make you think. After checking this out, you might think twice when watching the nightly news.

On another note, I am a podcasting fiend at the moment. On my weekly trawl of thought provoking programmes to cram into my MP3 player, I discovered an interesting one on Charlie Manson - someone I knew absolutely nothing about. It seems he had his fingers in many pies according to the nice people from Out There Radio...its episode number 45 by the way..

Back to something slightly fluffier next time (I promise).


Hard night on the town, eh Chris?

One of the young bucks in the office is feeling the pace as the afternoon drags on..

Monday, September 08, 2008

Flotsam and jetsam

Its incredible what you can find washed up on the beach nowadays..

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Steve McClaren - Likesh to Schpeak in Dutch, Yesh?

Yesh! The former England soccer manager has picked up a top job at FC Twente in Holland and ends up sounding like a Dutch porn star in a TV interview. Typical Englishman abroad: doesn't bother learning the language but just puts on a funny accent instead.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Isle of Wight Pics..

Hot off the presses. Summer seems but a memory now..

A chipmunk... looks like a big bugger too, doesnt it?

Ellen, enjoying a rare dose of blue sky and sunshine.

Transplanted 1960s tube trains that now form the train network for the island. I wish the London underground carriages were as colourful.

All hail the great explorer! ;)

Ellen goes paddling on the beach at Sandown.