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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hello, good evening, welcome and goodbye...again..

Has it been a year already?

Our childhood heroes came calling again and the lure of Brixton Academy was again too strong. For about two years at the start of the 1990s Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine were an indie music sensation. Their drum machine, thunderous punk guitars and pun heavy Chas N Dave style lyrics earned them 4 top 10 albums and 12 top 40 singles in the UK..they were huge.

Of course the zeitgeist turned its' focus elsewhere and they disappeared off into obscurity. Forgotten, save in the hearts of 30 something boys and girls who would dip into their music once in a while to relive their salad days... people like me for example. Last year I was jubilant that my Carter buddy Tom picked up ticket fors their 'farewell gig' at Brixton Academy - a venue of countless previous Carter gigs going back many years. That evening in November 2007 I paid what I thought was my final respects at the church of Jim Bob & Fruit Bat, bid my adolescence a bittersweet farewell and prepared to get on with my life.

So, when my buddy Tom picked up tickets for Carter USM for a November '08 gig I was eager, but had some reservations. And so it proved. Being pummelled in the ribs whilst sweating profusely stage front and centre still had its attractions, but Id got my closure the year before. Three encores at the end was milking it. Or maybe Id sobered up and wanted to go home.. I dunno.

Anyway, its all done. I reckon I won't be listening to my Carter albums for a long time now. They wont raise my spirits and make the sessions of air drumming seem worthwhile now. Of course, give it 20 years and a mid life crisis and things may be different!

(r to l) Tom, Jo Boy and a German Carter fan compare notes.

S*M*A*S*H - Third on the bill. Lead Guitarist (r) was superb

EMF - second on the bill: Enthusiasm does not equal quality.

Carter USM - headliners: the crowds still love 'em.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dear Santa, for Xmas I would like...

Some of these!
A friend of mine has a very young daughter.

She is having a few troublesome nights as little ones do. My friend comes into work with that blank 1000 yard stare which sleep deprived parents have always had. Eyes dim like marbles, dark panda like pouches under them. Not pretty..

Nowadays my heart goes out to him and all those in a similar position. After having a similar experience myself the other night, I now have an idea of how infants can put you through your paces.

Xander is a feisty young fellow. Maybe it’s the Aries in him. Normally he’s non-plussed by bedtime and uses most of the weapons in his armoury in order to delay the inevitable. So, it was with surprise and jubilation we settled him in his bedroom at 6pm one evening. Tucked him in, gave him a peck on the cheek – job done. Or so we thought.. Heres how the drama played out to my ears.. my eyes were screwed shut in a desperate hunt for sleep.

Dozing in bed during the early hours I heard a small bump, Xander’s Ben 10 watch then started going off. ‘No big deal’ I thought: ‘he’ll roll over and go back to sleep again’. It was not to be, I heard the light switch click and the rolling of car wheels on the wall. Sounded like the X-man had recharged his batteries and was ready to go. Sometimes he doesn’t differentiate between 3pm and 3am, and this was a case of a very early playtime…

I heard the tap tap tap of little feet on carpet. The bedroom door opening. Xander wanted apple juice. A request readily granted during daylight hours, but not so likely in the middle of the night, right? My muddled snoozing mind listened whilst Ellen got some water down him and sent X back to bed.. However the chiming of his watch continued..

Xander wasn’t finished yet. His next gambit was the ‘I need a wee’ approach. Once again he was dispatched to do his business with minimum off fuss. The chiming of his watch continued.

The light went on again. X came to see us once more. By this time Ellen had fallen asleep and it took several plaintive requests to rouse her. It was apple juice again, and this time he wasn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer. I heard the resolution in his voice and the stamping of his little foot. But it was not to be, Ellen was not gonna be obliging at 4am in the morning. The whines of protest turned into screams of outrage as he was led back to his room. A thump followed as he fell off his bunk bed ladder, and the screams became howls, big lusty howls of indignation. I lay there with my eyes screwed shut, listening to the puzzled fury in his voice. It was almost comical, if it hadn't been for the fact there wasn’t even 30 mins till I had to get up for work! Ellen returned and did her best to calm him down whilst I struggled for that final fitful slumber.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pics taken from N95: Autumn 2008

Dave has exchanged his Guildford bachelor pad for something far more opulent in Billinghurst, West Sussex.

A little change I found down the back of the sofa ;)

My 'niece' - lovely Rosie

Stage at the Hampton Hill Playhouse for 'Elizabeth'. Striking stage setting: shame about the cast

Liv and Toria - two lovely (if slightly tipsy) ladies

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All things fitness related - UPDATE

More material for you to check out as I'm about to start a new blog!


Its gonna be focused on my interest in all things of a healthy, with regular links from WoB. If your eye glazes over with the mere thought of it, don't worry - my regular stylings will continue here. In my usual off-beat manner. Also, I'm gonna venture back into the world of Facebook again, this time with my new fitness alter-ego.

So I won't be wasting all my free moments playing Scrabulous this time around!

Till next time...


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Man has nervous breakdown in granite quarry...


Friday, November 14, 2008

Ellie treads the boards...

Its bloody cold out there my friends,

I was planning to go for a spirit raising evening jog, but the need to knock out a couple hundred WoB words is keeping me in the warm.

Last week was culture time. We took ourselves off for a dose of amateur dramatics courtesy of my work colleague Ellie. She was starring in a performance of 'Elizabeth' a story of a troupe of players performing a play about the Virgin Queen with 'hilarious' interruptions.

The Young Vic it aint - Kevin Spacey isnt coming knocking any time soon. The players made up for lack of acting kudos with a real enthusiasm. 'Elizabeth' was a pretty young thing, rattled her lines off well but without the regal aura whilst 'Leicester' looked like David Tennant and had similar levels of courtly grandeur of the same. Ellie took to the stage with spunk I never normally see in her. When someone sinks their teeth into something like that you really gotta stand back and enjoy it with them.

Reminds me of my salad days. When I was young and thrusting and I thought the world would hang onto my every word... what ever happened to that idealistic young man I used to be???

This evening I spoke to my friend Simon. Our diaries and family commitments continue to take is in separate directions. But still, you've gotta make the effort to touch base, don't you? Glad I did as his younger son is a fine young fellow of a year old now. I look forward to a visit out to the 'burbs again. The thought of Simon being Lord and Master of his realm is something which warms my heart.

As he is starting to read my blog again, Im gonna fullfill a special request for him. Posts which mention Jake (check out top of page 18 on this document for the man himself) will now have a 'JAKE' tag on them so readers can get straight to the good stuff.

Coming up close on the rails in the Parenthood Oaks are James and Charlotte. The daddy to be sent me a text last month, sharing the good news in his own laconic style. Staley Jnr (boy or girl) will be due sometime in the Spring and I reckon parenthood will help them both blossom.

Right, Im off to put on some thermals and get some exercise. Jeez, its Friday evening, I should really be down the pub, shouldnt I?



Sunday, November 09, 2008

Life Aquatic - rescuing the bond company stooge

One of my favourite films of all time. Please check it out if you havent yet...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And the winner is..

You know who the winner is. Probably have done for a while.

In the early hours of the morning UK time, our friends from across the pond voted in Barack Obama as 44th President of the US. Queue much rejoicing and comparisons to JFK and Bill Clinton.

Check out some of the flowery phrases of congratulation from the BBC website..

Lot’s of talk about ‘opportunity’ and ‘change’: and lets face it, the charismatic gentleman who is POTUS elect makes a pleasing contrast to the disastrous guy he follows. However I feel we’re gonna be in for a big disappointment.

I’m not an expert on economics or policy, so wouldn’t be able to quote you convincing fiscal arguments as to why BO is not the great hope we think he is. However, there are some fundamentals I can get my head around. For instance our collective mindset is to throw good money after bad into the financial system, huge bailouts that will saddle future generations with debt and encourage the banks to be no less prudent in their outlook. And why should they be cautious? The precedent of a safety net has been set and more will certainly follow.

It comes to a fundamental point. If the printing presses continue to produce the money, it will become increasingly less valuable until something has to give. Overseas countries have unprecedented amounts of US currency and there will become a point when their investments become untenable and billions of dollars gets dumped onto the market. End result: $ goes down the toilet and the whole economy breaks up into little pieces.

Now this is bad news for all of us. As the largest global economy, if the US cannot freely buy and sell it’s goods – the rest of the world will have problems.

As for Mr O ushering in a new era of progressiveness an enlightenment – once again I get the impression we have been duped once again. The only way anyone can get into the Big House is by getting the backing of the powers that be. For example, how will Obama repay for the good PR he has received from the press? Big backers will always want some kind of return on their 'investment' and the Pres will be hostage to fortune in just the same way to those who came previously.

I guess what I am saying is this. Don’t be fooled by his gravitas or velvety oratory style. Obama is the same package as what came before but in slightly glitzier wrapping. He is in the thrall of The Man just as much as McCain/Clinton/Kerry/ does. We shouldn’t be conned into expecting wonder cures to what ails us, even in desperate times such as these.

Bye for Now,


Monday, November 03, 2008

Beer of the year..

See what I did there? :)

Evening to everyone. Hope you viewed my political youtube post linking dealie from earlier on today. Even though it is a US programme, I believe what it says to be universal.

Anyway, I have the evening off, am catching up with all those tedious little things that you gotta do when you get a chance. Have started Xmas shopping - online, natch. If it stops me committing some acts of gratuitous consumer manslaughter I will buy my stuff virtually instead of trying my luck amongst the dull eyed festive masses. Loaded with bags, mobile phones clamped to their listless faces, gaggles of unaware children gathered round them. They just bloody well get in the way.. grrrrrr!!

Im just about to go out for a run. However before I do, would like to share my enthusiasm for something. We were doing a shop yesterday and 'Blood Orange Cobra Beer' got my attention in the chilled goods section. It's delicious! Following in the unconvention of seemingly ill matched ingredients like chili in chocolate and deep fried Mars bars (well, maybe not), it shouldn't work but does so perfectly. Give it a try, it's like sticking a Terry's chocolate orange in your pint..

But just without the foil!



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