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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Im off to buy some facemasks wholesale.. make a killing (!?)

If you haven’t just crawled out from under a rock you will have seen that parts of the world are a little under the weather at the moment.

According to my favourite info grazing source wikipedia, swine flu is prevalent in pigs (obviously). It can spread to people who work in close proximity to them, however it is unusual for the virus to pass from human to human… until now of course..

The thing that stuns me is the amount of fear-mongering in the press. The Metro newspaper headline this morning was along the lines of ‘Swine Flu ‘could strike millions’’ whilst the London Paper chimed in with ‘flu virus ‘already in city’’ or thereabouts. Now its only early days, but doesn’t that sound like sick sensationalism of the lowest order? Throw in today's front page for one of the red tops: 'Big Brother Babes in Flu Scare' - a perfect combo of titilation and fearmongering. Of course, once you’ve worriedly snatched up your copy, the second part of the deadly one-two punch is dealt. The message is clear: 'we’ve scared the sh*t out of you so here’s a bit of light relief: check out the wacky styles you can wear over your mouth and nose whilst this scourge overruns us'.. which it will, according to our media.

Bacterial Face Mask Art:
'The Kiddy Range'.

'The Bandito' - Part of the Mexican Revolutionary selection.

'The Charlie Brown'

So whats gonna happen? Well, according to a report gleefully trumpeted by the above Metro – we’re gonna suffer ‘in the autumn’, which is about as definitive as saying ‘we’re gonna have a hot summer this year’. I.e. the grounds on which we are making the prediction are flimsy.. but we’re gonna make a pronouncement anyway.’ Don't think we'll be hiding in our houses and sterilising everything myself, but if you start seeing bacterial masks on commuter faces on The Tube, there's gonna be problems..



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