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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pics of our US trip (June-July 2009) PART 1

Many pounds lighter in the bank account. A few heavier around the waist. Here are some pics.

Entrance to the Oklahoma City Monument

Enormous American flags everywhere in Oklahoma City. Propoganda attesting to the majesty of the American Way.

Austin (TX)'s finest chocolate provider apparently. I won't forget the name in a hurry, either.

A 50 foot tall bottle that greets people coming to visit 'Pops' in Arcadia, OK. After dark it glows with vibrant red neon: a sight I would dearly love to see.

Questionable lorry sticker, had to take a picture. Out of focus due to the speed we were driving. They believe this kind of thing over there, seriously!

A mural on the side of a tire fitting showroom in Edmond, OK. Taking whilst filling up (stomachs) at Arby's drive thru.

Prostitution in Mid Texas is a little blatant, isnt it?

More to come soon,